The Crawford Fund, For a food secure world.

Resources & Media

Our public awareness program informs governments, policymakers, the media and the general public about the agricultural, scientific, social, environmental and economic benefits that accrue both internationally and to Australia from international agricultural research and development, and to encourage greater support and participation in these activities.

Opportunities to meet people

Public awareness activities include national press club luncheons, seminars, inter-governmental round-tables, and face-to-face meetings with senior members of the State and Federal governments, civil servants and non-government aid groups. The Crawford Fund's annual conference, held in Parliament House, Canberra, gathers together international and national speakers on topics of direct relevance to food security.

The Crawford Fund has produced a range of publications, including books, newsletters, briefs and proceedings. Publications listed below are available on line and in some cases in hard copy from the central office.  All publications are available through the relevant pages. For Proceedings from previous conferences click here and for media releases click here.

Media queries

Journalists are encouraged to contact Ms Cathy Reade for the latest news and cutting-edge developments in agricultural R&D and education, and for international and national contacts on issues relating to international agricultural R&D and education or to be put on the mailing list for press releases and other materials.

Recent Press Releases