Crawford Fund Staff

The Crawford Fund is based in Canberra, and its operations are overseen by a small but dedicated team of staff, all but one of whom operate on a part-time basis.

Contact details for the Crawford Fund State and Territory Coordinators are listed in each State/Territory Programs page

If you have an enquiry, please contact us on 02 6280 8611 or by email at  

Colin Chartres

Dr Colin Chartres

Chief Executive Officer (Part-time)

colin.chartres (at) crawfordfund (dot) org

0406 377 604

Colin Chartres

Prof Shaun Coffey

Director Capacity Building (Part-time)

shaun.coffey (at) crawfordfund (dot) org

0409 686 042

Colin Chartres

Ms Cathy Reade

Director of Outreach

cathy.reade (at) crawfordfund (dot) org

0413 575 934

Colin Chartres

Mr Phil Jackson

Financial Controller (Part-time)

pjackson (at) crawfordfund (dot) org

Colin Chartres

Ms Lilian Mellink

Office Manager (Part-time)

lilian.mellink (at) crawfordfund (dot) org

0473 888 020

Colin Chartres

Ms Sue Faulkner

Support Officer (Part-time)

sue.faulkner (at) crawfordfund (dot) org

Colin Chartres

Larissa Mullot

Communications Coordinator (Part-time)

larissa.mullot (at) crawfordfund (dot) org

Colin Chartres

Dr Gabrielle Persley

Research Study Director (Part-time)