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Established in 1995 with support from the Government of Western Australia and the private sector, the Western Australian Program invites submissions for training developing country workers in any field where WA expertise can make a significant contribution to food production. We especially seek projects for training Indonesian, African and Middle Eastern workers in plant breeding, pasture and animal production, grain storage, salinity problems, plant nutrition and fisheries management.

Western Australian farmers have benefited from the support provided to developing country trainees by acquiring valuable plant germplasm—Biserrula from Morocco, anthracnose resistant albus lupin from Ethiopia, and black spot resistant field pea from Russia—through the scientific network that the training courses have established. In addition, training in pest and disease diagnosis and control is reducing risks of introducing plant and animal diseases, and problems arising from faulty diagnosis of diseases in products that are exported from and imported into Australia. Commercial enterprises have benefited from their partnership with the Crawford Fund to support training projects for importers in the efficient use of their products, reducing marketing risks, and enhancing their image as good corporate citizens.

We invite new participants for projects on the basis that WA commerce will be “doing well by doing good.” A brochure summarising our activities is available here.

2020 Crawford Fund WA Student Awards

As part of our efforts to support and encourage the next generation in study, careers and volunteering in international agricultural research, the Crawford Fund proudly supports our 2020 Student Awards.  Our Student Awards have been developed specifically to enable university students with practical, feet-on-the-ground, involvement in an overseas project as part of their studies.

In WA, applications are invited from honours and postgraduate students interested in gaining international agricultural research experience in developing countries. Reports from previous awardees are linked on this page.

We strongly recommend you read this general background information before you start your online application. The short online application form will require you to attach a brief CV, the signatures of, or a supporting note from, the Authorised Officers approving your application, and details of at least one referee. Your health and safety are paramount to us so you will be asked to provide details of relevant arrangements for this purpose too.


With the disruption to the university year caused by COVID-19, we are extending the closing date for our 2020 student awards to Friday 26 June 2020.

Apply online here.

Any questions? Please contact our WA Coordinator, Professor Lyn Abbott. Please email  her initially.


Congratulations to the 22 successful applicants from around Australia who are receiving our 2019 awards to experience international agricultural research and development first hand. The WA awardee is:

Daniel Waterhouse, Murdoch Australia
Location: Myanmar
Research: The Potential of Insects as a Sustainable Feed Option for the Aquaculture, Pork and Poultry Sectors in Myanmar
Institute: Spectrum – Sustainable Development Knowledge Network

International Training and Agriculture Awards

The Crawford Fund WA Committee has for many years supported targeted training of overseas scientists and extension officers either in ‘home country’ or Australia. Each year it offers a small number of competitive grants of up to a maximum of $15,000 each for short-term training activities. Such activities may include workshop attendance, short-term visits to other institutes, as well as areas of agricultural research, extension,  governance and management training for individuals or small groups.  Applications should be made by a WA-based host organisation.

Applications are now invited for training of eligible international scientists and extension staff under the Crawford Fund Western Australian Committee’s International Training Awards program.

Applications close on Friday 29th November 2019 and should be sent to the WA Coordinator, Lyn Abbott at Lyn.Abbott@crawfordfund.org using the form provided. Please contact Lyn if you have any questions prior to submission of your application.

Background information, as well as the application form, can be downloaded here.

Training Activities and Events

The Western Australian Committee is involved in a range of training activities, such as managing stored grain pests, safe herbicide use and biosecurity; and events to provide networking opportunities for younger researchers.

Here are some examples:

WA Crawford Fund Scholars: 2019 Annual Conference

Each year, the Crawford Fund Committees offer Conference Scholarships for students and young researchers to attend the annual conference. The Scholarship provides funds to cover expenses such as travel, accommodation and registration.

We’re excited to announce our bumper crop of 51  2019 Annual Conference scholarship winners from universities and organisations across Australia. This takes our conference scholar alumni to almost 320 young students and researchers and industry representatives with an interest in reshaping agriculture to better address food security, the nutritional needs of a growing population, and the environment.

The 2019 conference scholars from WA are listed below. You can read about their experiences here.

Wesley Moss, University of Western Australia 

Duncan Wells, Curtin University

Riley Faulds, University of Western Australia
Isabella Suleski, University of Western Australia