QLD Committee


The Queensland Program was established in 1996 with generous and continuing support from the Government of Queensland, private industry and our agricultural research partners. The Program addresses industry issues in the humid and seasonally-arid tropics, in the developing countries of our near region as well as in Queensland. The Program seeks to fund learning opportunities in two main areas: for tertiary students at Queensland institutes who are interested in international agricultural research (IAR), to help them gain valuable international experience and expertise; and for overseas scientists, to obtain mentoring and training support from experienced Queensland counterparts working on similar agricultural research challenges.

The objective of the student support program is to help train the next generation of professionals aspiring to work in IAR, by helping them gain valuable international experience and expertise through their active participation in IAR projects as part of their tertiary training. The projects that the students are supported to link with may be governmental (e.g. ACIAR, university, FAO), non-governmental (NGO) or commercial (e.g. seed or R&D company). The objective of the support program for international scientists is to enhance their research experience and technical understanding, and promote technology exchange and collaborative research, through participation in mentoring and training activities with experienced Queensland counterparts.

The Queensland program focusses particularly on industry research challenges faced in beef production, horticulture, tropical crops, fisheries and biosecurity, reflecting the importance of these industry sectors, and the consequent research experience, in Queensland. The objective is to add tactical but focussed value to the more extensive and ongoing activities of organisations like ACIAR, the universities and research organisations in Queensland. The aim is to facilitate contacts that will foster stronger research and industry links, locally and in the region longer-term.

Crawford Fund QLD Student Awards

The Crawford Fund QLD Committee each year offers a small number of competitive research funding awards for tertiary students aspiring to work in international agricultural research (IAR). The purpose of the awards is to facilitate active student participation in IAR projects, in order to help them gain valuable international experience and expertise. Two types of award are available: Honours Research Scholarships and Postgraduate Student Awards. You can access further information on the Crawford Fund Student Awards offered by the QLD Committee, the eligibility requirements, the key selection criteria and the reporting requirements, by clicking here. For any further clarification, you can contact the Queensland Coordinator, Prof Bob Lawn at bob.lawn (at) crawfordfund (dot) org

The short online application form will require you to attach a brief CV, the signatures of, or a supporting note from, the Authorised Officers approving your application, and details of at least one referee. Your health and safety are paramount to us so you will be asked to provide details of relevant arrangements for this purpose too.

The closing date for all awards is Friday, 3 April 2020.

Apply online here.

Congratulations to our 2019 Queensland Crawford Student Award Recipients whose names and proposed activities can be accessed here.

International Engagement Awards

The QLD State Committee has for many years supported targetted training of overseas scientists and extension officers. This year, reflecting a wider initiative by the Crawford Fund centrally to promote mentoring activities by experienced Australian researcher volunteers, the QLD Committee is offering a small number of competitive grants for mentoring as well as training activities in research, extension or governance/ management.

Mentoring activities will focus on promoting experiential learning, through experienced Australian staff working actively with their overseas counterparts either in-country or in Australia. In-country activities may be supplemented with engagement with ACIAR projects, NGOs and volunteers and in Australia with conference and workshop attendance and/or short-term visits to other institutes. Mentoring activities are open to retiree volunteers, but applications should be made through a Queensland-based host organisation.

Individual awards are for up to a maximum of $12,000 annually, but where circumstances warrant, may extend for more than one year. Applications for the 2019 International Engagement Awards close on 7 February 2020 The application form can be downloaded by clicking on this link: International engagement awards. You can contact the Queensland Coordinator, Prof Bob Lawn bob.lawn (at) crawfordfund (dot) org for further information about the Crawford-in-QLD Student Awards and the International Engagement Awards.

Queensland Committee in the News

Qld Crawford Fund Scholars: 2019 Annual Conference

Each year, the Crawford Fund Committees offer Conference Scholarships for students and young researchers to attend the annual conference. The Scholarship provides funds to cover expenses such as travel, accommodation and registration.

We’re excited to announce our bumper crop of 51 2019 Annual Conference scholarship winners from universities and organisations across Australia. This takes our conference scholar alumni to almost 320 young students and researchers and industry representatives with an interest in reshaping agriculture to better address food security, the nutritional needs of a growing population, and the environment.

Here’s this years scholars supported by the QLD Committee:

  • Luke Dieters, University of Queensland
  • Kazbek Dyussembayev, Griffith University
  • Vithya Krishnan, University of Queensland
  • Cristina Ocana Gallegos, QAAFI, University of Queensland
  • Peta Stockwell, University of Queensland
  • Valentin Thepot, University of Sunshine Coast