In the News

April 2, 2019

The Crawford Fund has so many fantastic ‘good news’ stories to tell about agricultural research and developments around food and nutrition security. In addition to our social media campaign and our ‘seeing is believing’ journalist visits that generate this news, our ‘traditional’ media campaign brings national attention to important developments and issues in agriculture for development and what they mean for Australia.

You can look back on media coverage we’d generated in 2018 here, and below are listed some links to more recent media items that were part of our campaign:

Big benefits in conservation ag in North Africa
Farm Online – 29 May 2019

Australian wheat sector protects against hessian fly and Sunn pest
Farm Online – 6 May 2019

Breeding better durum in Morocco
Farm Online – 6 May 2019

Young scientists learn the ropes
Farm Online – 4 May 2019

Moroccan farm manager keeps the place ticking over
Farm Online – 2 May 2019

Moroccan trip a valuable opportunity for Australian wheat breeders
Farm Online – 2 May 2019

Looking to exploit our similarities to develop trade with Morocco
Farm Online – 30 April 2019

Helping to find a genetic needle in a haystack
Farm Online – 29 April 2019

Wheat serious business in Morocco
Farm Online – 26 April 2019

Rebuilding genetic diversity in Morocco
Queensland Country Life – 24 April 2019

Making the most of every drop of water in low rainfall zones
Farm Online – 21 April 2019

Morocco goes with the grain
The Land – 20 March 2019

Tim Fischer to step down from international Crop Trust
Grain Central – 20 March 2019

3 takeaways for impact in agriculture and development
Devex – 28 February 2019

Misinformation in agriculture contributing to tech block
The Weekly Times – 20 February 2019

Seed bank to preserve native plants
ABC Saturday AM, ABC TV Weekend National News – 16 February 2019

FMD detected – the value of biosecurity
ABC National News – 15 February 2019

One Hour live broadcast from AARES conference
ABC Rural Country Hour – 13 February 2019

Fake news thwarts livestock gene technology
Farmonline and weekly papers – 13 February 2019

Don’t Swallow ‘Fake News’ on Food and Agriculture  
National commercial radio coverage – 12-15 February 2019

Food conference urges action in remote communities
“The Wire” on National Community and Indigenous Radio – 12 February 2019

Urgent need for ‘drastic’ shift in diets
Farm Online and weekly papers – 11 February 2019