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We will be posting here a series of blogs, opinion pieces, and other views around our “Doing Well by Doing Goodcampaign and our position that:

Despite the proof positive from benefit-cost analyses finding a ratio of 10:1 on investment, and the less quantifiable social, environmental, and diplomatic benefits in-country and to Australia of investing in international agricultural research for development (Ag4Dev), the proportion of Australia’s development-assistance budget receives is only around 2.5 percent. We firmly believe it is in Australia’s interests to increase the proportion of its development-assistance budget invested in Ag4Dev. 

We would welcome your views too!


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We are pleased to have so many eminent people who support our view that it is in Australia’s interests to support an increase in the proportion of its development-assistance budget invested in international Ag4Dev including:

Alison Bentley, Director, CIMMYT’s Global Wheat Program

Alyssa Jade McDonald-Baertl, CGIAR System Board Member

Claudia Sadoff, CGIAR Executive Managing Director

Colin Chartres, Chief Executive Officer, The Crawford Fund

Holger Meinke, Chair, Independent Science for Development Council, CGIAR

Jean Balié, Regional Director, South East Asia and Pacific, CGIAR, and Director General of the International Rice Research Institute

John Anderson, Chair, The Crawford Fund

Lindiwe Sibanda, CGIAR System Board Chair

Marco Ferroni, former CGIAR System Board Chair

Members of the NextGen in Ag4Dev

Tim Reeves, Director, The Crawford Fund

Tony Gregson, Farmer and Director, The Crawford Fund