Crawford Fund Award – State/Territory

The Crawford Fund’s success is based on people who are prepared to work hard to share their knowledge: mentors and trainers who help make an enduring contribution to global food security. Their commitment and perseverance, often over long periods, mark the Fund as a unique contributor. Many go unnoticed and their contributions unheralded.

Accordingly, in 2022 the Crawford Fund decided to recognise Australians who have made a significant and sustained contribution to international agricultural research through our programs and related activities in their State/Territory jurisdiction.

Emphasis is placed on recognition of a wide range of contributions to international agricultural research and development, including research outcomes, adoption of technologies and innovation, and significant contribution to education and training. The award may be made by each State/Territory on an ad hoc basis as potential awardees are identified, with no more than one per State/Territory per year.

Criteria for awarding the Crawford Fund Award can be found here.

Those recognised by this Award are listed below:

2023 Crawford Fund Award – WA
Adjunct Professor John Hamblin

2023 Crawford Fund Award – NSW
Professor Lee Baumgartner

2022 Crawford Fund Award – Tasmania
Bruce R French AO