State and Territory Programs

The Crawford Fund’s State and Territory Programs are the linchpins of our training program which supports practical, short-term, hands-on training tailored to the needs of an individual or for a group to increase the practical skills of agricultural scientists or farmers in developing countries.

Committee members are volunteers drawn from government, academia, research, policy, farm and development communities as well as a representative of the RAID Network, to help bring in the next generation to the Crawford Fund’s work.

Are you involved in international work that would benefit from training for your developing country partners? Each committee is serviced by a part-time coordinator – the first port of call for inquiries from training candidates or their Australian partners.

The committees develop and select training which is of particular relevance to their jurisdiction’s strengths, in partnership with Australian research and development agencies and carried out by experienced Australian specialists.

Our committees also support the next generation aspiring to work in the field of agricultural development through conference scholarships, volunteer opportunities, and student awards providing on the ground experience. They also host local events to celebrate the work they do, encourage greater participation, and draw attention to agricultural development issues and opportunities.

The activities of each of the committees are supported financially and in-kind by local industries, State and Territory Governments, and Universities and this support is very much appreciated.

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