NSW Committee


In 1999, the Crawford Fund expanded its agricultural training scheme with the appointment of a New South Wales Committee chaired by Australia’s former Minister for Primary Industry and Energy, the Hon John Kerin. The Committee is identifying and expanding agricultural training opportunities, relevant to the NSW rural sector, that will bring together Australian experts and people from developing countries to improve food production and processing in developing countries. A brochure summarising our activities is available here.

Crawford Fund NSW Student Awards


Congratulations to the 22 successful applicants from around Australia who received our 2019 awards to experience international agricultural research and development first hand. The NSW awardees were:

Jori Bremer, University of New England
Location: Indonesia
Research: Modelling environmental impacts of cattle grazing in oil palm plantations
Project ID: LPS/2015/048 (ACIAR) – Improving smallholder beef supply and livelihoods through palm-cattle system integration in Indonesia (PalmCow)
Institute: Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and DevelopmentIndonesian Centre for Animal Research and Development 

Charles Callaghan, Charles Sturt University
Location: Samoa
Research: What is the economic feasibility of small holder sheep production in Samoa?
Project ID: LS/2017/033 (ACIAR) – Improving small ruminant production and supply in Fiji and Samoa
Institute: Samoan Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries’ Animal Production and Health Division

William Davies, Charles Sturt University
Location: Samoa
Research: How adopting a value chain approach can identify the existing challenges facing the Samoan sheep meat sector
Project ID: LS/2017/033 (ACIAR) – Improving small ruminant production and supply in Fiji and Samoa
Institute: ACIAR 

Nina Matsumoto, University of Sydney
Location: Lao PDR
Research: Zoonotic and high-impact production animal diseases in Laos: socioeconomic impact and epidemiology at the human-animal interface
Project ID: AH/2012/067 (ACIAR) – Enhancing transboundary livestock disease risk management in Lao PDR
Institute: ACIAR

Rebecca Owen, Charles Sturt University
Location: Samoa
Research: Prevalence of gastro-intestinal helminth parasites of sheep, cattle, pigs and dogs in Samoa
Project ID: LS/2017/033 (ACIAR) – Improving small ruminant production and supply in Fiji and Samoa
Institute: Samoan Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries’ Animal Production and Health Division

Maxine Williams
Location: Indonesia
Research: The impact of smallholder coffee production on childhood nutrition. Contextual dynamics of child stunting, food security and childhood malnutrition in Toraja, Indonesia
Institute: Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute

Training Activities

The current emphasis of the New South Wales Committee’s training programs is in areas having high value to developing countries in the Asian region and in which competence and experience of a very high order resides amongst government agencies and universities within NSW. These include: plant and animal breeding, animal disease diagnosis and preparedness, weed management, social dimensions of agricultural research and extension, natural resource management – land, forestry, fisheries and water, and food safety and preservation.

NSW Committee in the News

NSW Crawford Fund Scholars: 2019 Annual Conference

Each year, the Crawford Fund Committees offer Conference Scholarships for students and young researchers to attend the annual conference. The Scholarship provides funds to cover expenses such as travel, accommodation and registration.

We’re excited to announce our bumper crop of 51 2019 Annual Conference scholarship winners from universities and organisations across Australia. This takes our conference scholar alumni to almost 320 young students and researchers and industry representatives with an interest in reshaping agriculture to better address food security, the nutritional needs of a growing population, and the environment.

The 2019 conference scholars from NSW are listed below. You can read about their experiences here.

Francesca Earp, University of Sydney
Angus Mitchell, University of Sydney
Lucy Noble, University of Sydney
Yolanda Plowman, University of Sydney
Naomi Diplock, AVP volunteer, National Mushroom Centre Bhutan

Rebecca Owen
Sunita Pandey

Razlin Azman

Sajanee Hene Kapuralalage
Abdur Sarker