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We believe agriculture is the engine of growth and plays a vital role in less developed countries. The change from traditional peasant farming to more productive systems of commercial agriculture results in more food, more jobs, rising incomes, better standards of living, improved nutrition and expanding national wealth.

Knowledge – about what is best to grow, and how to grow it so as to maximize production, profit, employment and sustainability – is one of the most important elements in the transformation to a more productive agriculture.  This knowledge can only come from research and from passing on that knowledge.

The Crawford Fund delivers training programs to developing country agricultural scientists, extension staff and farmers in a diverse range of topics. So far, we have delivered training to more than 12,500 people (and counting), and with your help we can do more.

Our focus is on delivering training activities that provide benefits to both Australian and developing country participants. These training opportunities are delivered by Australian and partners in-country through our Master Classes, our State and Territory supported programs, and our mentoring program.

Our Master Classes target mid- or senior level agricultural specialists. Using our significant Australian and international networks, we develop intensive training in partnership with other Australian and international research, government, industry and academic agencies. To date, around 50 Master Classes have been held for over 1000 people in countries across the Asia-Pacific and Africa, and in Australia.

We also deliver short-term training of early career agricultural scientists by Australian specialists and institutions in small groups either in Australia or overseas. This practical, short-term, hands-on training is tailored to the needs of an individual or for a group to increase the practical skills of agricultural scientists or farmers in developing countries. 

The Crawford Fund’s Mentoring Program complements our training activities by placing experienced Australians with developing country researchers to help them develop their technical and organisational skills, and expertise. Our mentors work with the Australian Volunteers program to involve young Australians in the overseas work on the ground.

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With your help we can expand our training programs to provide greater impact in international agricultural development. Our targeted training initiatives are delivered across Africa, Asia and The Pacific, and past training has addressed a diverse range of sectors and issues including biosecurity, crops, climate change, fisheries, forestry, gender, horticulture, livestock, nutrition, research management and communication, soil, land and water.

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Reports from our training activities are available in our News section, and throughout our social media platforms.


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