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The Tasmanian program was established in 2011, the last State to do so. With support from the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, the program addresses training needs identified as part of the wide spectrum of research and development undertaken by Tasmanian-based scientists. A particular feature of the program has been the emphasis on sustainable forestry and fisheries, with a concentration of effort in ACIAR and other projects in those areas undertaken by UTASCSIRO and the Tasmanian Forest Practices Authority.

Tasmanian agriculture is also characterised by diversity, from intensive horticulture and dairying through to mixed cropping and livestock, and that has also been reflected in the programs supported, from pyrethrum and vegetables in PNG through to beef cattle in Vietnam. The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture has research interests across the value chain from production to market, with particular expertise in intensive production systems based on irrigation. While the Tasmanian environment is temperate, researchers operate in a wide range of tropical lowland and highland environments in the Pacific Islands, PNG, Indonesia, Vietnam and elsewhere. A brochure summarising our activities is available here.

2022 Crawford Fund Tasmania Student Awards

As part of our efforts to support and encourage the next generation in study, careers and volunteering in international agricultural research, the Crawford Fund proudly supports our Student Awards. Our Student Awards have been developed specifically to enable university students with practical, feet-on-the-ground, involvement in an overseas project as part of their studies. 


Congratulations to the 14 successful applicants from around Australia who are receiving our 2022 awards to experience international agricultural research and development first hand.

The TAS awardee is: 

Loic Fery, University of Tasmania
Location/Focus: Fiji
Research: Landcare – an agricultural extension and community development model at district and national scale.
Other Collaborating Institutions: ACIAR Project Landcare – an agricultural extension and community development model at district and national scale in Fiji (Project Code: SSS/2019/140)

Tas Crawford Fund Scholars: 2022 Annual Conference

Each year, the Crawford Fund Committees offer Conference Scholarships for students and young researchers to attend the annual conference. The Scholarship provides funds to cover expenses such as travel, accommodation and registration.

We’re excited to announce our bumper crop of 46 2022 Annual Conference scholarship winners from universities and organisations across Australia, and for the first time, special guest scholars from Papua New Guinea! This takes our conference scholar alumni to almost 370 young students and researchers and industry representatives with an interest in reshaping agriculture to better address food security, the nutritional needs of a growing population, and the environment.

Here’s this years scholars supported by the TAS Committee:

  • Faruq Isu, Pinion Advisory
  • Waleed Khan, University of Tasmania
  • Phillip Kay, University of Tasmania
  • Raj Kishore Rajan Babu Sheela, University of Tasmania

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