The Crawford Fund’s mentoring initiative has dedicated programs in LaosTimor-LesteCambodia, and Vietnam where experienced Australians are placed with Australian volunteers and developing country researchers and farming communities to help them develop their technical and organisational skills, and expertise on agricultural projects.

If you have the knowledge, experience, passion and time on your hands, we want to hear from you about the possibility of being involved in our training program and becoming an active mentor, visiting countries and supporting farmers, locals and volunteers onsite.

If you are working fulltime or are not able to travel overseas but want to help by providing access to resources and expertise that could help, you can become part of the wider mentor E-network. This is currently a particular focus for the Crawford Fund because of COVID-19. In order to maintain momentum in our mentoring program we are delivering e-mentoring to ensure that we continue to help develop the technical and organisational skills and expertise of agricultural researchers, scientists and policy makers in developing countries.

You can be involved in a number of ways as a mentor as we provide knowledge and solutions for food security while we build the next generation of Australian agricultural research leaders.

Listen to Professor Lester Burgess, our longest-serving mentor, as he talks about the benefits of mentoring with the Crawford Fund, with his 20+ years of experience mentoring across the world.

And watch Kylie Ireland, a former volunteer who has since returned to help train technical staff and farmers.

You can read more about our Mentoring Program here.