The Fund’s training scheme offers short-term, hands-on training for men and women from developing countries who are engaged in agricultural research and development. Practical, highly-focused instruction is given to trainees who are selected from, and return to, on-going research and development projects in countries in which Australian firms, institutions or agencies are already playing a role.

Crawford Fund Policies
The Crawford Fund is required by law to ensure that all trainers abide by the Crawford Fund policies on child protection and financing terrorism.

training picture Bhutan

Training can either be accessed through the following channels:

State programs

Australian mapA large part of the training scheme is managed by the independent program committees in each state and territory.

The activities of each of the committees is supported financially and in-kind by local industries, State Governments and universities.

They provide a focus for topics in which local companies or institutions have particular interests and expertise. Some training courses are given in Australia, but most take place overseas, predominantly in Southeast Asia or the Pacific region.

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Master Classes

Master Classes are primarily aimed at mid career agricultural scientists, senior administrators, senior academic personnel, decision makers and public servants in developing countries.

Crawford Fund Fellowship

The aim of the Fellowship is to provide further training of a scientist in agriculture, fisheries or forestry from a selected group of developing countries, whose work has shown significant potential.