Crawford Fund Scholar Program
The Crawford Fund Scholar Program is one of the foundations of our efforts to encourage young Australians in international research, development and education for the benefit of both developing countries and Australia.

Crawford Fund Student Awards
Launched in 2017, many of our State Committees supported visits to developing countries by students, so they can gain valuable experience and expertise overseas ‘in the field’.

Derek Tribe Award
The award is made biennially to a citizen of a developing country in recognition of their distinguished contributions to the application of research in agriculture or natural resource management in a developing country or countries.

Crawford Fund Fellowship
The aim of the Fellowship, awarded annually, is to provide further training of a scientist in agriculture, fisheries or forestry from a selected group of developing countries, whose work has shown significant potential.

Crawford Fund Medal
The Crawford Fund Medal recognises people who have made a considerable and continued contribution to international agricultural research through our programs and related activities. Each year, on the recommendation of State and Territory Committees, the Crawford Fund awards medals to a limited number of people.

Crawford Fund Journalism Award
The Crawford Fund has joined with the Australian Council of Agricultural Journalists to launch a competition that aims to encourage working Australian journalists to investigate the important roles that agricultural research, training and rural development play in global food security. The prize is a ‘seeing is believing’ visit to a developing country.

Crawford Fund Patrons
Since 2016, the Crawford Fund has appointed distinguished Patrons to the Fund—individuals who have made significant contributions within the fields of agricultural development and global food security.