Crawford Fund Journalism Award

Tim Powell (then President of ACAJ) and John Kerin (then Chair of the Crawford Fund) for the launch of the Journalism Awards in 2013

The Crawford Fund has worked for over two decades to raise awareness of issues related to food security, and in particular, the role that international agricultural research has to play in responding to poverty and hunger.

In 2013, the Crawford Fund joined with the Australian Council of Agricultural Journalists (ACAJ) to launch a competition that aims to encourage working Australian journalists to investigate the important roles that agricultural research, training and rural development play in global food security. The prize is a ‘seeing is believing‘ visit to a developing country.

The Fund has been supporting journalists to visit developing countries for some years and this award is part of that ongoing effort. In the last few years alone, we supported journalist visits to the Pacific, Arctic, South America, North Africa and Asia so we basically go wherever there is interesting work around agriculture for development.

The 2019 Food Security Journalism Award was launched in February. For further details view the details here. Applications close 14 June 2019, and the winner will be announced at our Annual Conference in August.

2018 Food Security Journalism Award
Winning entry: The poisoned plate of climate change
Clarisa Collis

2017 Food Security Journalism Award
Winning entry: Improving access to agriculture in the global effort to eradicate hunger
Brett Worthington

2016 Food Security Journalism Award
Winning entry: Coconut Comeback
Sean Murphy

2015 Food Security Journalism Award
Winning entry: Cyclone Pam wrecks Vanuatu’s fisheries and damages crops and livestock of subsistence farmers
Sarina Locke

2014 Food Security Journalism Award
Winning entry: Is there room for organics?
James Mitchell Crow

2013 Food Security Journalism Award
Winning entry: Fields of Plenty
Dr Ella Finkel