Board: Michael Taylor

Michael-TaylorMr Michael Taylor AO FTSE
CRC Independent Director; Chair, Gardiner Foundation

Mike Taylor is the Chair of the Gardiner Foundation, Chair of the Victorian Agricultural Advisory Council, Director of the Public Transport Development Authority, Victoria and Director of the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre. He is a member of the Crawford Fund Board of Directors.

Prior to this appointment Mike was Chair of the Murray Darling Basin Authority (2009-2011) and had more than 15 years of extensive experience at chief executive level. This included that of Secretary to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, regional services and Local Government (2007-09), Secretary to the Department of Transport and Regional Services – Australia (2004-07) and Secretary, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry – Australia(2000-04).

Before 2000 he was variously Secretary for the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Energy and Minerals, and Agriculture (1992-2000). He was also Chief Executive of the Australian Dairy Industry Council (1991-92). Mike is also a member of the Melbourne University-Melbourne Business School Board of Directors (2008-).