An invitation to a Crawford Fund Seminar

Building Irrigation Best Practice Capability in Iraq

Mr Rafat Nael Al-Intaki
Water Resources Engineer, Ministry of Water Resources,
Wassit Province, Iraqi

Wednesday 5 October 2022 at 3.30pm

University of Adelaide
The Centre for Global Food and Resources
School of Economics and Public Policy
Seminar Room 601
Level 6, 10 Pulteney Street, Adelaide SA

Drought, falling water levels, low water tables, overuse of water and poor maintenance of water systems are all contributing to shortages of water in rural Iraq, making the work of water engineers and technicians particularly important.

Ten years ago, a selected number of engineers from the Iraq Ministry of Water Resources underwent training in irrigation management in South Australia by PIRSA Rural Solutions as part of the Australian Government’s then AusAID investment into the reconstruction of Iraq’s agriculture and water sectors.

Rafat (right) working with Iraqi farmers in 2011.

To coincide with The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage Congress,  the Crawford Fund’s SA Committee is holding a seminar to hear from Rafat Nael Al-Intaki, Vice President of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage and one of the engineers trained in irrigation management a decade ago.

He will present on the long-term outcomes in Iraq of the improvements being achieved in irrigation management and on-farm water use at an Iraqi farmer level.

More recently, Rafat has served on the Iraqi National Committee of Irrigation and Drainage. He is a Graduate in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering from Baghdad University, College of Engineering and Postgraduate Diploma in Geographic Information Systems Science from Technology University. Presently, he is Chief Engineer in the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources. He was also a Joint Coordinator of ICID Young Professionals` e-Forum from 2016-2019.

RSVP Roger Wickes by COB Monday 1 October.