Food security and biodiversity conservation: Tim Fischer’s Contribution and the Ongoing Challenges

Securing the world’s crop diversity is a global concern and a prerequisite for future food and nutrition security. Both crop diversity conservation and food and nutrition security were a passion (amongst many others) of The Hon Tim Fischer AC, a senior Australian politician who rose to the position of Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and then brought his focus to these global issues.

Tim was the chair of the Crawford Fund from 2001 – 2006 and then a foundation patron of the Fund from 2016, and served as Vice-Chair of the Crop Trust Executive Board from 2013-17 and subsequently Chair until 2019. Tim passed away in August 2019.

Join us for a webinar hosted by the Crop Trust and Crawford Fund as we honour Tim Fischer and his passionate advocacy for food security and biodiversity conservation. It will also provide an opportunity to learn more about related work underway in Australia and abroad and identify the ongoing challenges ahead. Please register here to receive connection information.

A new book by Peter Rees, titled “I am Tim: Life, Politics and Beyond,” tells a broader story with an exploration of the experiences, challenges and triumphs that shaped Tim Fischer’s remarkable journey. For this event, Peter will discuss from his book Tim’s work for food security with the Crawford Fund and plant biodiversity conservation with the Crop Trust and the Svalbard Seed Vault, in the attached photo (Tim at Svalbard).

Peter will join a distinguished international panel of speakers who have worked closely with Tim Fischer – from Australia, Germany and Norway. These individuals, whose expertise spans various domains, will explain the key issues in the realm of food security and crop diversity that engaged Tim and the enduring legacy he leaves behind, encouraging us to continue to act and make an impact.

Speakers are:

The Hon John Anderson AC, Chair of the Crawford Fund and long-term friend of Tim

Dr Stefan Schmitz, Executive Director of Crop Trust

Peter Rees, Author “I am Tim: Life, Politics and Beyond”

Dr Sally Norton, Leader of the Australian Grains Genebank

Marie Haga, Executive Director of the Crop Trust during Tim’s board membership

Dr Tony Fischer, renowned wheat scientist and brother of Tim

Again, please register here to receive connection information.

We do hope you can join us to honour Tim Fischer’s advocacy for food security and biodiversity conservation, current work underway and ongoing challenges ahead.