Proudly announcing our 2022 Crawford Fund Medal recipient, Kym Anderson AC

April 13, 2023

The 2022 Crawford Fund Medal has been awarded to Emeritus Professor Kym Anderson AC FAAEA FASSA DFAARES DFESA. The medal recognises individuals who have made a considerable and continued contribution to international agricultural research through our programs and related activities.

“The Crawford Fund’s success is based on people who are seeking to make an enduring contribution to global food security, and often such commitment and perseverance goes unheralded. The Crawford Fund medal shines a light on these amazing people and their achievements,” said the Fund’s CEO, Dr Colin Chartres.

“While amongst a strong field of contenders, Kym Anderson was considered by the judging panel to clearly deserve the medal,” he said.

Emeritus Professor Kym Anderson AC was presented with the 2022 Crawford Fund Medal at the Crawford Fund’s 2023 Annual Conference.

Kym has contributed to economic development in the overlapping fields of international trade and political economy, with a strong focus on agriculture and products of importance to developing economies. His work and outputs, prodigious and varied, have been widely recognised for its quality and significance, in Australia and abroad including by leading international agencies.

Kym is the George Gollin Professor Emeritus in the School of Economics and Public Policy, and formerly foundation Executive Director of the Centre for International Economic Studies at the University of Adelaide, where he has been affiliated since 1984. He has held senior research leadership positions at the World Trade Organization and the World Bank; and a large number of significant research advisory positions, including in Australia.

He is highly respected internationally for his knowledge, understanding and leadership, with an excellent citation rate that indicates his international leadership in agricultural economics. Kym has also played major roles on the ACIAR Commission and Policy Advisory Council and has chaired the Boards of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe).

The list of Crawford Fund Medal recipients reads like a ‘who’s who’ of impact in agriculture for development and includes:

Dr Brian Keating
Professor Lindsay Falvey FTSE FAIAS
Dr Bob Clements AO
Dr Meryl Williams FTSE
Assoc. Prof. Robyn Alders AO
Professor Emeritus Robert (Bob) Gilkes
Professor Lester Burgess
Dr John Schiller

Our heartfelt thanks goes to them all!