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April 2, 2019

The Crawford Fund has so many fantastic ‘good news’ stories to tell about agricultural research and developments around food and nutrition security. In addition to our social media campaign and our ‘seeing is believing’ journalist visits that generate this news, our ‘traditional’ media campaign brings national attention to important developments and issues in agriculture for development and what they mean for Australia.

You can look back on media coverage we generated in 2023 here, and below are listed some links to more recent media items:

ICRISAT and IRRI on heatwave impact (37m30s through to 43m45s)
ABC Victorian Country Hour – 14 May 2024 

Food security impacts of current Avian Flu Outbreak (17m45s- 24m15s)
ABC Victorian Country Hour
– 10 April 2024

Everything starts with the seed 
Cosmos, Issue 102 – March 2024 (Posted with permission from the publisher)

Eminent plant pathologist still working after six decades
The Land – 19 March 2024

People on the Move in the grain industry
Grain Central – 18 March 2024

Increasing food security concerns – Brett Worthington and Michael Baum from ICARDA  (44.30-54.07)
ABC Country Breakfast
– 16 March 2024

International work critical to Australia’s wheat industry, says Dr Trethowan
The Land – 10 March 2024

Alvaro Lario (IFAD) discusses challenges in international agriculture
ABC Landline – 10 March 2024

A pest plant in Australia, farmers in Morocco desperately seeking prickly pear salvation
ABC News – 7 March 2024

With pollinator numbers declining, researchers are getting creative to feed the planet
ABC News – 7 March 2024

Lemerle takes Australia’s hard-earned lessons to Laos
The Land – 6 March 2024

UN’s IFAD visits Solomon Islands and Australia amid growing international food crisis
ABC News – 5 March 2024

Building trust with farmers central to scientist’s vital international work
The Land – 27 February 2024

Learn how Dr Schouten is keeping bee diseases at bay in the Pacific
The Land – 21 February 2024

Buying Time, Sir John Crawford’s legacy to international agricultural research
ABC Victorian Country Hour – 21 February 2024

Australia’s role to play in Asia’s food security evolution
Farm Online – 18 February 2024

Food Systems Can Achieve More
The Wire (national community radio) – 14 February 2024

Australia is well placed to help address long-running food security concerns in neighbouring countries
Radio National Country Breakfast – 10 February 2024

The Real Cost of Food
ACE Radio Network, Country Today – 9 February 2024

Johnathan Rushton (keynote speaker at AARES) interview (5:35)
ABC Victoria – 9 February 2024

AARES looks at Australia’s role in Asia’s food system
Grain Central – 6 February 2024

Meet the Aussie vet dedicated to saving chickens and giving villages food security
The Land – 4 February 2024

Fibre-rich, with fewer farts: how the underrated mung bean could improve food security (and post-bean bloat)
The Guardian – 3 February 2024

Time in Taiwan elevates Aussie’s mungbean research
Good Fruit and Vegetables – 19 January 2024


Lack of career pathways and long-term contracts driving a shortage of soil specialists
The Land – 29 November 2023

Crawford Fund Forum highlights need for more investment in research and development
The Land – 28 November 2023

Professor Lee Baumgartner earns the inaugural NSW Crawford Fund Medal
The Land – 26 November 2023

Interview with Dr Nerida Donovan (at 11m25s to 18m20s)
ABC Country Hour – 24 November 2023

Interview with Prof Lee Baumgartner and Dr Helen Scott-Orr (at 12m24s – 20m.45s)
ABC Country Hour – 23 November 2023

How to secure food for 10 billion people
ABC Radio National Breakfast Program – 6 September 2023

Farmers encouraged to diversify to aid food security
National Commercial Rural News Program – 6 September 2023

Climate crisis could contribute to a global food shortage by 2050, US special envoy on food security warns
The Guardian – 5 September 2023

Soil health key to global food security, US expert says
The Canberra Times – 5 September 2023

Food security will be at the forefront at a major conference in Canberra
ABC News – 4 September 2023

Australians help Laotian rice farmers replace hand weeding with machinery
ABC Rural – 08 July 2023

Matt Champness about Laos
ABC Rural, Victoria Country Hour – 06 July 2023

AIA-SA elects new committee
Stock Journal – 22 June 2023

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) is looking to embark on some ambitious projects in Timor-Leste
NT Country Hour – 6 June 2023

Report in Farm Online
Farm Online – 12 May 2023

Protected cropping projects in the Pacific uplifting the lives of farmers and their communities
ABC Rural – 11 May 2023

Overseas ag research a rare ‘win-win’ – and why more is needed
Beef Central – 24 April 2023

Pacific Island Countries To Develop Advanced Warning System for Tuna Migration
Inter Press Service News Agency – 21 April 2023

Crisis resilience ‘critical’ to stem rising hunger
SciDevNet – 19 April 2023

Calls for more of Australia’s $4.5 billion international aid budget to be funnelled into agricultural research
Countryman – 14 April 2023

Wild Fijian coffee, agritourism embraces ‘paddock-to-plate’ concept while supporting women
ABC Rural – 2 April 2023

Rural Press Club event to explore role of aid-funded ag research
Grain Central – 29 March 2023

Fijian beekeepers keen to export high-quality honey, but face pollen shortage
ABC Rural – 20 March 2023

Women, youth are ‘unseen leaders’ in rural Indonesia
SciDevNet – 24 February 2023

Seaweed researchers find bright future for underwater crop
ABC Rural – 27 Jan 2023


Investing in global agri-R&D also ‘benefits donor countries’
SciDevNet – 9 December 2022

Crawford Fund board members John Anderson and Joel Fitzgibbon lobby for international agriculture research
Farm Online – 2 December 2022

Benefits of investing more in foreign aid
National Commercial Rural News – 1 December 2022

Dr Jenny Hanks tells us about her work in overseas countries providing ag aid
ABC Radio Victorian Country Hour – 1 December 2022

Former MPs plea for more funds for farmers in developing countries
The Weekly Times – 30 November 2022

Investment in Agricultural Research a ‘No Brainer’
Radio Release (national pickup), 30 November 2022

International foreign aid investment needs to increase for agricultural development
The Wire (national community radio) – 30 November 2022

Former ministers call for more investment in ag aid
Grain Central, 29 November 2022

Earth observations to shore up food and water security
Radio 2GB – 11 November 2022

New ways to sustainably manage African water resources
The Wire – 9 November 2022

Australian security and climate change
ABC Radio National – 27 October 2022

Food security in the Pacific and Australia’s future food
ABC Radio National, Big Ideas – 19 October 2022

Food security in a precarious world
ABC Radio National, Future Tense – 25 September 2022

Earth observations to shore up food and water security
National Commercial Rural News
– 11 Nov 2022

Australian security and climate change
ABC Radio National – 27 October 2022

Food security in the Pacific and Australia’s future food
ABC Radio National
– 19 October 2022

Food security in a precarious world
ABC Radio National
– 25 September 2022

Growing global food security concerns are in the spotlight
North Queensland Register
– 26 August 2022

Growing global food security concerns are in the spotlight
The Land
– 26 August 2022

Agricultural research and development investment fall a cause for concern
Queensland Country Life
– 26 August 2022

Growing global food security concerns are in the spotlight
Rural Press
– 25 August 2022

Tradition and science helping pacific blue-green economies
The Wire
– August 2022

Food production outlook dims with R+D decline
The Wire
– August 2022

R&D supercharging food production
The Wire
– August 2022

RN Country Breakfast
ABC Radio National – Dr Philip Pardey – 20 August 2022

R&D in agriculture and food declining, experts say
– 19 August 2022

South Australian Country Hour
ABC Rural Radio – Dr Philip Pardey (8.05- 13.38) – 16 August 2022

Radio Australia Wantok – Regina Bi Nukundj
ABC Pacific
– 15 August 2022

Joshua Noinery, A G.I.F.T for PNG Fisheries (4m50s to 5m39s)
National Rural News – 27 July 2022

Professor Tim Reeves AM, a lifestime in Agriculture
ABC Victorian Country Hour – 14 June 2022

The seed savers
ABC Radio National – 28 February 2022


Working together critical on biosecurity says Anderson
Farm Online – 26 December 2021

Health and agriculture monoliths should share lessons on biosecurity
Grain Central – 17 December 2021

Managing stresses the key to better wheat varieties for all
The Land – 01 November 2021

Aussie drives global research that underpins Australian wheat industry
Grain Central – 13 October 2021

Millet and sorghum represent opportunities for farmers and consumers
Farm Online – 03 August 2021

Queensland Country Hour
ABC Country Hour (from 45m19s into program) – 30 July 2021

A forgotten grain, back in the spotlight
National Commercial Rural News – 30 July 2021

Seaweed quadruple fish immunity
Online SciMex – 28 April 2021

Ex-soldier takes new path towards seaweed science
USC Media Release – 21 April 2021

How farmers can reduce greenhouse gas while increasing yield
Farm Online – 30 March 2021

Aus farmers leading way in reducing emissions on farm: Crawford Fund
Beef Central – 23 March 2021

Crawford Fund in podcasts
FarmOnline – 12 March 2021


Scientists race to find wild, ancient bananas to save the popular fruit from climate change
ABC Rural, NT Country Hour – 26 November 2020

Pacific warned of food crisis
Radio New Zealand – 13 November 2020

Pandemic food crisis threatens Indo-Pacific region, new report warns
Farm Online and Australian Community Media Network – 11 November 2020

Study warns COVID-19 pandemic could spark food crisis in Indo-Pacific (@10m 44s)
ABC Radio Australia (Pacific Beat) – 11 November 2020

Improving soil improves diets in the Pacific (@33m 10s)
ABC Radio Australia (Pacific Beat) – 27 October 2020

From the ground up: soil science improves Pacific diets
Pacific Island Times – 13 October 2020

African cattle: Scientists identify new genetic traits
Queensland Country Life – 29 September 2020

Can school gardens help alleviate the economic impact of COVID-19 in the Pacific?
Devex – 28 September 2020

DFAT funded PNG school gardens
ABC Radio, NT – 11 September 2020

DFAT funded PNG school gardens
ABC Radio Australia – 9 September 2020

Vale Robin Graham
Farm Online – 5 September 2020

National Science week goes online
ABC Radio, NSW – 18 August 2020

National Science Week – National Rural News
Radio/podcast, National Rural News – 18 August 2020

Aussie scientists tackle food security
The Land – 17 August 2020

Ag hits National Science Week
Grains Central
– 13 August 2020

Crawford Fund support for Agrieducate essay comp
The Land – 9 August 2020

Funding for new One Health centre
ABC Radio, WA – 20 July 2020

Australia well placed for future viral pandemic preparedness
Devex – 13 July 2020

Coronavirus helps Australia fight African swine fever, but developing neighbours are being overwhelmed
ABC News – 7 July 2020

Australian agri-research can lead the way in virus prevention
Australian Financial Review – 9 June 2020

COVID-19: food, nutrition and the global poor
Devex – 17 April 2020

Australia foreign aid through agriculture research and development an untold success story
Farm Online – 10 March 2020

How beef cattle are unlocking SE Asia’s poverty trap
Queensland Country Life – 24 February 2020

Q&A: The impact on climate denial on food security
Devex – 15 January 2020


The road to climate-smart agriculture: Will the new agricultural revolution pass Australia by?
Asia & The Pacific Policy Society – 10 December 2019

Young Aussie ag scientists can tackle world’s food challenges
Stock Journal – 14 October 2019

Addressing climate change from a finance and liability lens
Devex – 16 August 2019

Sustainable food and the behavior change challenge
Devex – 16 August 2019

Experts tackle food security problem in the face of climate change
Radio National Breakfast – 13 August

Australia’s food security scholars recognised
The Land – 30 July 2019

Project providing improved nutritional properties for staple crops a winner
Farm Online – 18 July 2019

Pre-breeding targets three of the world’s most damaging crop pests and pathogens
Groundcover – 05 July 2019

New durum germplasm could lift the climatic resilience of Australian cultivars
Groundcover – 20 June 2019

Big benefits in conservation ag in North Africa
Farm Online – 29 May 2019

Australian wheat sector protects against hessian fly and Sunn pest
Farm Online – 6 May 2019

Breeding better durum in Morocco
Farm Online – 6 May 2019

Young scientists learn the ropes
Farm Online – 4 May 2019

Moroccan farm manager keeps the place ticking over
Farm Online – 2 May 2019

Moroccan trip a valuable opportunity for Australian wheat breeders
Farm Online – 2 May 2019

Looking to exploit our similarities to develop trade with Morocco
Farm Online – 30 April 2019

Helping to find a genetic needle in a haystack
Farm Online – 29 April 2019

Wheat serious business in Morocco
Farm Online – 26 April 2019

Rebuilding genetic diversity in Morocco
Queensland Country Life – 24 April 2019

Making the most of every drop of water in low rainfall zones
Farm Online – 21 April 2019

Morocco goes with the grain
The Land – 20 March 2019

Tim Fischer to step down from international Crop Trust
Grain Central – 20 March 2019

3 takeaways for impact in agriculture and development
Devex – 28 February 2019

Misinformation in agriculture contributing to tech block
The Weekly Times – 20 February 2019

Seed bank to preserve native plants
ABC Saturday AM, ABC TV Weekend National News – 16 February 2019

FMD detected – the value of biosecurity
ABC National News – 15 February 2019

One Hour live broadcast from AARES conference
ABC Rural Country Hour – 13 February 2019

Fake news thwarts livestock gene technology
Farmonline and weekly papers – 13 February 2019

Don’t Swallow ‘Fake News’ on Food and Agriculture  
National commercial radio coverage – 12-15 February 2019

Food conference urges action in remote communities
“The Wire” on National Community and Indigenous Radio – 12 February 2019

Urgent need for ‘drastic’ shift in diets
Farm Online and weekly papers – 11 February 2019