September 12, 2022

The Hon Margaret Reid AO

We are very pleased to announce that The Hon Margaret Reid AO has accepted an invitation from the Crawford Fund Board to be appointed as a Patron of the Fund, on her retirement from the Board last month.

Perhaps best known as the first female President of the Australian Senate, Margaret has had extensive experience with Australian non-government organisations, working in international development as the former President of the Executive Committee of the Australian Council for International Development and as a member of the panel of the 2011 Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness.

Margaret joined the Crawford Fund Board in 2011 and had chaired its ACT committee since then through to her retirement in August 2022.

On taking up the position as Patron, Margaret said:

“While ever there are people starving or without adequate nutritious food there is a place for the Crawford Fund and its support for agricultural research. I’m honored to be a Patron and continue to my association with the Crawford Fund.”

Margaret will join a small group of eminent Patrons who have shown continuing support for and interest in the Fund and international agricultural research for development. They have an ongoing involvement with the Crawford Fund, including participation in mentoring and attendance to Crawford Fund conferences and State and Territory Committee events.

The Crawford Fund’s patrons now include (in alphabetical order):

The Hon Neil Andrew AO
Mr James Ingram AO
The Hon John Kerin AM
The Hon Margaret Reid AO

The late Hon Tim Fischer AC was also a Patron.