Agricultural Teachers’ Workshop on Food Security

January 5, 2023

As part of this year’s ACIAR funded NextGen project, the Crawford Fund has plans to hold workshops and webinars for members of teacher associations to assist with their use of our free “Development for a Better Future” teaching modules, as well as visiting schools to connect students with young Australian researchers or food security specialists.

Cathy Reade, our Director of Outreach and NextGen Program and Heather MacDonald of Education Partnerships, our Education/Curriculum Specialist, will be kicking off 2023 by attending the national conference of the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) on 7 and 8 January in Toowoomba.

The professional development workshop for teachers will be presented to small groups to explain their use and their emphasis on critical and creative thinking and problem solving. We hope the workshops will excite educators and the modules excite students about the impact of work around food and nutrition security and highlight career pathways for students.

“We are really excited that in 2023 teachers will have access to our updated free set of seven  teaching materials and educator guide, and will have the opportunity to have their students enter a competition related to the materials. Stay tuned for the launch of the materials and the competition in mid-January 2023 when we hope lots of teachers will be planning their year ahead,” said Cathy.

“With Heather’s guidance, the Crawford Fund’s teaching materials have all been updated following discussions with teachers who have used the materials. In addition, to make the materials even more helpful to teachers, they will each have an assessment tool (rubric) so teachers can more easily assess student learning against learning intentions of the teaching materials.”

“It has been great to get such a positive response from teacher associations in spreading the word of our teaching materials since we first launched them back in late 2020.”

“Thank you to the NAAE for the opportunity to present to their members in person in Toowoomba – so far all the Crawford Fund teaching material workshops have been online so it will be great to finally get amongst teachers,” said Heather.

The topics of the teaching materials are all significant areas of challenge and innovation in addressing food and nutrition security. They are-

  1. Climate Change and Food and Nutrition Security
  2. Climate-Smart Technologies
  3. Covid-19 and Food and Nutrition Security
  4. Australia – A Powerhouse of Agriculture Research
  5. Gender Dimensions in Agriculture
  6. Genebanks – Saving more than Seeds
  7. Food Loss and Waste

If you would like to be alerted to the launch of the updated materials and the competition, email [email protected]