Introducing our 2019 conference Scholarship winners: Leaders in the making

July 26, 2019

The Crawford Fund is excited to announce our bumper crop of 51 Annual Conference scholarship winners from universities and organisations across Australia.

For almost a decade, the Crawford Fund has been supporting the next generation of Australians with an interest in food and nutrition security and agricultural science and development to attend our annual conference and special Scholars’ Days activities through our Conference Scholar Program.

The Crawford Fund’s scholar program is part of our suite of  ‘nextgen’ activities to encourage the next generation in their study, careers and volunteering in agriculture for development.  The Conference Scholar Program is a unique learning, networking and mentoring opportunity for young students and scientists with a genuine interest in international agricultural research and development.

The tremendous support for these highly regarded and sought-after scholarships continues to grow and develop, with fantastic feedback received year after year from the scholars, their supporters and conference attendees. We are so pleased to find so many go on to further their careers as ACIAR graduates, or working on developing country projects, or as volunteers in our own or other overseas projects.

A key component of the success of the scholar program is matching the scholars with a dedicated and experienced mentor who helps them make relevant and interesting connections at the event and shares experiences of benefit to the scholar’s research and career.

The future of international agriculture and research and development is in strong hands, with these dynamic and enthusiastic recipients representing some of the best young minds in agricultural, environmental and veterinary science, aquaculture, ecology, horticulture, economics, biology, and food security.

Our past scholars have found this conference scholarship experience to be both personally rewarding and professionally valuable. You can read more about these scholarships on our website, including reports from our 2018 scholars here or our scholar information booklet or a YouTube video.

The Crawford Fund family with the 2018 scholars

Our record of 51 Annual Conference Scholars takes our conference scholar alumni to almost 320 young students and researchers and industry representatives with an interest in reshaping agriculture to better address food security, the nutritional needs of a growing population, and the environment.

Special Thanks

Thirty recipients are being supported by the Crawford Fund’s Committees, with a further 21 scholars funded by external Scholar Sponsors, acknowledged on our website.

The Fund also thanks those individuals who have made donations to our scholar program as they registered for our conference, listed here and it’s not too late to donate online.

Once again we are involving members of the Researchers in Agriculture for International Development (RAID) Network to help run the scholarship activities on 12 and 14 August, and a special thank you to them all.

And a special thank you to those who have put up their hand this year to mentor one of the scholars! If you are attending the conference and would like to be considered as a mentor to a scholar, please contact [email protected]

Drum Roll……

The successful 2019 Crawford Fund scholar recipients are listed below, under the Crawford Fund Committee or other institution which is supporting their involvement: 


ACT Committee

  • Jordan Cox, Australian National University
  • Madi Hickey, Animal Health Australia
  • Amy Mackenzie, CSIRO Ag & Food
  • Jana Phan, Australian Academy of Science

NSW Committee

  • Francesca Earp, University of Sydney
  • Angus Mitchell, University of Sydney
  • Lucy Noble, University of Sydney
  • Yolanda Plowman, University of Sydney
  • Naomi Diplock, AVP volunteer, National Mushroom Centre Bhutan

NT Committee

  • Paul Armstrong, NT Department of Primary Industry & Resources
  • Meg Humphrys, NT Department of Primary Industry & Resources

QLD Committee

  • Luke Dieters, University of Queensland
  • Kazbek Dyussembayev, Griffith University
  • Vithya Krishnan, University of Queensland
  • Cristina Ocana Gallegos, QAAFI, University of Queensland
  • Peta Stockwell, University of Queensland
  • Valentin Thepot, University of Sunshine Coast

SA Committee

  • Tara Garrard, South Australian Research and Development Institute
  • Natasha Hallett, University of Adelaide
  • Duc Nguyen, Centre for Global Food and Resources, University of Adelaide
  • Joshua Philp, University of Adelaide

TAS Committee

  • Lucy Cooper, University of Tasmania
  • Faruq Shahriar Isu, University of Tasmania
  • Anna Mackintosh, University of Tasmania
  • Kai Peersman, University of Tasmania
  • Olivia Woodiwiss, University of Tasmania

VIC Committee

  • Nickala Best, LaTrobe University
  • Lily Tran, LaTrobe University
  • Antoinette Wichmann, University of Melbourne

WA Committee

  • Wesley Moss, University of Western Australia



Curtin University

  • Duncan Wells

Central QLD Uni

  • Emily Bryson
  • Anita Milroy
  • Sanjaya Timilsina

Gardiner Foundation

  • Natasha de Bondi
  • Josephine Ginty

Graham Centre

  • Rebecca Owen
  • Sunita Pandey

Melbourne University FVAS

  • Emma Taylor

Plant Health Australia

  • Joanne Lee


  • Ritesh Jain


  • John Humphrey

Southern Cross University

  • Razlin Halimi

Sunshine Coast University

  • Zoe Bridge
  • Daniela Medina Hidalgo


  • Sajanee Hene Kapuralalage
  • Abdur Sarker

University of Queensland

  • Hayden Morris
  • Sohraab Singh

WA Private Donors

  • Riley Faulds, University of Western Australia
  • Isabella Suleski, University of Western Australia

We are pleased to share more details about our scholars, their mentors, the fantastic program of scholar events planned, and introduce the interesting and diverse speakers we have secured for the event.

Finally, a special thank you to the group of our RAID-ers who will be managing the scholar activities for this part of our brilliant nextgen program!