Launching our 2019 Conference Scholarships

May 13, 2019

2018 Crawford Fund Scholars and Mentors

The Crawford Fund has launched its conference scholarships, a fantastic opportunity for young people passionate about food and nutrition security or agricultural research and development to further their study and careers and learn about volunteering opportunities in this challenging and rewarding field. 

These conference scholarships are an integral part of our efforts to encourage young people in their study, careers and volunteering in international agricultural research and showcase for them, the diverse and exciting experiences that await.

People who have received scholarships in the past have come from a diverse range of disciplines, including outside agriculture, but all had a strong interest in food and nutrition security.

If you would like to explore opportunities for related careers, research, volunteering or employment in agricultural development, or food and nutrition security, and you under 35yo and based in the ACT, NSW, NT, SA, Tasmania, Victoria or WA, please read on!

You are strongly encouraged to seek out this opportunity to attend our annual conference in Canberra and experience two fun and informative half days of activities including personal mentoring and first-hand advice about the opportunities available.

Our past scholars are overwhelmingly positive about their conference scholarship experience, seeing it as an invaluable mentoring, networking and motivational experience in the field of agricultural development.

Last year’s responses

“The conference and scholarship program not only opened my eyes to the severe nutritional issues we are facing, it inspired me and gave ideas about how, upon completion of my Honours in Agricultural Science, to continue post-grad studies and work collaboratively with international and Australian farmers to help solve malnutrition in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner,” Matt Champness, NSW Scholar (now a volunteer in our program in Laos).

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet such a diverse range of passionate people. It amazed me how many early career opportunities there were to get into international agriculture research, as I am sure this is not the case for many other science sectors,” Samantha Nowland, NT Scholar.

“The 2018 Crawford Fund Conference was a profound experience that has changed my perspective and approach towards agricultural research. The experience has left me with innumerable contacts and a greater understanding of the required interactions between disciplines to ensure a nutritionally secure future.” Anita Chang, QLD Scholar.

More of the positive feedback we received from last year’s Scholars is available here.

About the program

The scholars are involved in two ½ days of activities in addition to the conference; engage with keynote speakers, experienced Australian agricultural researchers and educators, and other passionate young people who have experience overseas in developing countries as researchers, volunteers or mentors.

The scholarships are awarded through our State and Territory programs, with conference registration fees and reasonable transport, food and accommodation costs covered by the award.

The application process is simple!

Full details on eligibility and the application process are here.

Applications or questions can be directed to the Crawford Fund Coordinator for your State/Territory.

Applications close 14 June 2019.

Our 2019 conference

The Crawford Fund’s annual conference is a highlight of Australia’s agricultural development and food security calendar. For almost 30 years we have drawn significant focus to issues worthy of global and Australian attention, and this year we continue that proud tradition.

Our conference this year on 12 and 13 August in Canberra is titled “Weathering the ‘Perfect Storm’: Addressing the Agriculture, Energy, Water, Climate Change Nexus.”

“The Perfect Storm” was a term coined by Sir John Beddington, the Sir John Crawford memorial address presenter when he was UK Chief Scientist, to describe his prediction that by 2030, food shortages, scarce water and insufficient energy resources would threaten to unleash public unrest, cross-border conflicts and mass migration as people fled from the worst-affected regions.

Now, 10 years after Sir John’s dire prediction, our 2019 conference will examine the available evidence as to whether the ‘storm’ is still on track to happen, or whether scientific, engineering and agricultural innovation and what is happening in the farmer’s field has lessened or delayed its impact.

The conference will open on 12 August with Australian Nobel Prize Laureate, Prof Emerita Elizabeth H. Blackburn, PhD making her first address during a visit to Australia at our specially styled networking dinner.

Once again, we have brought together leading international and Australian thinkers and practitioners including:

  • Keynote presentationsfrom eminent international public and private sector experts.
  • Targeted overview presentationson the status quo and innovative policy and development project options that address a set of significant nexus issues, this year highlighting where action is needed or underway around agriculture, energy and water which are all further exacerbated by climate change impacts.
  • A set of examples of impactdelivered as case studies in short, rapid-fire presentations by leading Australian and international researchers across industries, global regions and agricultural sectors.

To learn more about the Conference Scholar program, see: