2017 Crawford Fund Annual Conference Proceedings Released

December 7, 2017

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The Crawford Fund’s annual conference holds a key place in the development and food security calendar in Australia. For more than two decades we have successfully brought into focus an issue worthy of global and Australian attention, and this year our focus was on the Digital Revolution in Agriculture.

Today, we’re pleased to release the full conference proceedings, which can be downloaded here. These proceedings now provide an enduring record of the conference presentations, supporting further application of such solutions, and include the conference papers, and the Sir John Crawford Address.

By attracting the world’s best speakers, providing extended question and answer sessions and opportunities for informal networking, this year’s conference has, as in previous years, enabled participants to contribute and to place food security issues into a context relevant to their lives and work.

Titled ‘Transforming Lives and Livelihoods: The Digital Revolution in Agriculture’, our 2017 annual conference was held in Canberra on 7 and 8 August and focused on the current and future likely impact of the data revolution for smallholder farmers.

The Crawford Fund would like to thank those who supported a scholar or have donated to our efforts this year. The scholars are among the delegates listed at the end of these Proceedings, and our scholar supporters are named in the Acknowledgements, along with the conference sponsors and Chairs this year.