Women in Agricultural Development in Vietnam

November 13, 2015

The Crawford Fund’s public awareness program has facilitated a range of short video productions to showcase agriculture for development work, our training and volunteers. Some are available on our YouTube site.

At present, Cathy Reade, the Fund’s director of public affairs and communications, is in Vietnam filming videos on a range of projects and training supported by ACIAR, Global Food Studies at University of Adelaide and the Crawford Fund. Some of the videos are being planned for International Women’s Day in March next year.

“We are so lucky to again have Sally Ingleton, an award winning documentary maker, to film and guide the production of some short videos showcasing work and training in Vietnam. She has a real passion for the work we do after previously working with us to film ACIAR and international centre work in Africa and Cambodia, and it’s great to now have her involvement in Vietnam,” said Cathy.

The plan is to produce three videos from our visit, which is being supported by ACIAR, the University of Adelaide and the Fund. The three videos will cover:

    • Projects focused on improved production and marketing of indigenous and everyday vegetables to improve incomes and health of women, including from ethnic minority groups, in the mountainous North West Vietnam region;
    • The work and career of Dr Nghiem Quyen Chi, a young female forestry scientist who has received training support from the Crawford Fund and ACIAR for study in Australia with other Australian partners and is now conducting cutting-edge science in the traditionally male dominated discipline of tree breeding;
    • The personal and professional impact for two young agribusiness professionals from attending the Crawford Fund’s Master Class in Agribusiness that involved ACIAR and Adelaide University’s Global Food Studies group.

“It has been an absolute privilege to see the work underway with women in North West Vietnam over the last few days, and to meet the many women farmers involved and the people working on the project including Suzie Newman from the University of Adelaide,” said Cathy. “The visit would not have been possible without the help of Suzie, her team and the ACIAR staff in Vietnam.”