Cocoveneer Training for Young South Pacific Islanders

November 2, 2015

Australian researchers are currently hosting young scientists from the South Pacific Islands for training in the development of sustainable coconut wood products.

The livelihoods of people in some South Pacific communities will be enhanced with research into a valuable product from the senile stems of coconut. These stems are widespread, but currently have very low value. The development of technologies into producing advanced veneer and veneer-based products from these stems is part of the Cocoveneer Project.

Part of this project involves training, and two young South Pacific islanders have recently arrived in Australia for six weeks of hands-on training at Australia’s leading timber product research facility in Brisbane. Ilikimi Carati-Bokadi and Moana Bergmaier-Masau (pictured) are aiming to develop their research skills and expertise in the development of these sustainable veneer-based products. On their return to Fiji, Moana and Ilikimi will be able to train and guide other members of the Cocoveneer production team.

Coconut Wood Training

The ACIAR funded project is being led by Associate Professor Gregory Nolan, Centre for Sustainable Architecture with wood, at the University of Tasmania. The Crawford Fund is pleased to have been involved in sponsoring the training.

Please access the associated media release here, and for more information on the Cocoveneer Project, click here.