Focussing our training

July 7, 2015

We have previously reported on the review of our Master Class and training programs by our Director of Training, Dr Colin Chartres, with contributions by Dr Helen Scott-Orr and Dr Simon Hearn. The purpose of the review was to revitalise the program and enable them to be more focused and demand led, and to define key training challenges requiring our support.

The review team interviewed up to 70 people in different organisations. Four overarching themes for training emerged and have been approved by the board as a focus in the future:

  • Market Access, Biosecurity and Food Policy;
  • Sustaining Agriculture’s Natural Resource Base;
  • Risk and Adaptation to Global Change; and
  • Cross Cutting Issues—such as gender and youth, science communication and management, and information and communications technology opportunities. These will be incorporated in the design and application of all Crawford Fund Master Class and training activities.

It was also agreed, that over the next two to three years, focus should be given to training activities in:

  1. market access and biosecurity;
  2. water and soil management with respect to sustainable intensification of agriculture;
  3. research management training and innovation systems; and
  4. platforms including information technology and communication.

A copy of the full review and recommendations is available here.

In coming months we will be approaching possible partners, supporters and participants for our new refocused training activities. If you would like more information, please contact us via [email protected], or our Training Director, Dr Colin Chartres ([email protected]).