MC on Research Leadership—An Overview

December 21, 2016

The Crawford Fund recently presented an inaugural Master Class in Agricultural Research Management and Leadership, with participants gathering from around the world for a five-day program conducted at the Penang facilities of WorldFish.

The program covered all aspects of management and leadership of research and development, with a particular emphasis on the needs of research professionals operating in national agricultural research systems (NARS) and the CGIAR research centres located around the world.

Highlights of the week included the development of a strong understanding of the importance of people management, and a realisation that participants themselves had many experiences that they could learn from, and that they could share with their peers.

“For many who attended, the Master Class provided a first opportunity to consider their career management needs, as opposed to the more narrow focus on their current position and work,” said Master Class Leader, Shaun Coffey.

The participants evaluated the Master Class very highly, and are supportive of the Crawford Fund offering the course in future years. As a follow-up to the course, many participants are working with Shaun to develop some of the ideas introduced during the program, and to plan their future career development.

Already a ‘community of practice’ is starting to develop, with many of those who attended the Penang class keen to contribute to the future development of management and leadership expertise in international agricultural research systems.

Hear what some participants had to say about the Master Class in this short video.