NSW Conference Scholar’s Reflections

October 31, 2016

As part of the Crawford Fund’s Conference Scholarship initiative, each sponsored scholar is required to write a short report containing their reflections/impressions/take-home messages of the conference.

Now that the reports have been collated, we would like to share with you some of our favourites for 2016. This week we are highlighting New South Wales, and conference scholar Asher Taccori from the University of Wollongong.

2016 conference scholars sponsored by the NSW Committee, Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, and the University of New England
2016 conference scholars sponsored by the NSW Committee, Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation and the University of New England

About Asher Taccori

I am currently studying a B. Nutrition and Dietetics at UoW. I am very passionate about food/nutrition security for development and humanitarian aid. My first project was when I created a social enterprise project with my team of five in 2014, seeking to address food security concerns in a local village in rural southern India which continues to this day. Since then I have undertaken projects/internships in Fiji, Kiribati, Thailand (5-month internship with UNWFP) and I am currently in Cambodia on a social enterprise project focusing on agriculture with my team of six.

Ultimately I look to be part of a solution to solve world hunger, reduce stunting/wasting and prevent “hidden hunger” in Latin America, Asia and Africa. My previous research focus has been “complementary feeding” and the first 1000 days of a child’s life. I wanted to attend this conference as there is plenty of food in this world to solve these problems, but I need a deeper understanding of the world food distribution crisis and current methods to address food waste for a food secure world and equitable planet.

The following excerpts are from Asher’s conference report. To view the report in full, and to read the reflections of the other NSW sponsored scholars, click here.

On Inspiring Talks

My favourite presentation was the one by Simon Costa and his work with the World Food Programme. His passion and pragmatic approach to food security concerns in vulnerable communities in Africa were incredibly inspiring. I enjoyed viewing this issue from the scope of a business orientated person from a different industry who was able to have much success on this issue.

Mentor Highlight

The highlight for me during these few days in Canberra was being paired with my very inspiring mentor, Lester Burgess, who is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, as well as a genuine and kind individual. Although his experience is more within the agricultural science area, this is an area in which I wish to become more knowledgeable and he was able to recommend some interesting AVID opportunities. It is a relationship that I am excited to continue…

On the Conference Overall

I believe that I benefited from the conference immensely; as an emerging food security leader, to understand the landscape of food loss and waste is essential. In my intended future food security career endeavours, I will be sure to consider post-harvest food loss as a crucial consideration for intervention.

Visit our 2016 Conference Scholar page for a full list of this year’s scholars, and watch this space for more conference scholar reflections.