RAID and the Crawford Fund at the Agronomy Conference, Ballarat

September 28, 2017

There was a good turn out for the RAID/Crawford Fund event on 25 September at the 18th Australian Agronomy Conference in Ballarat. Jenny Hanks, RAID member and former Crawford Fund scholar, has reported that there were around 20 attendees from all around Australia, including people who had worked in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, with a good mix of long standing RAID members, as well as people finding out about RAID for the first time. Jenny introduced the RAID network and described some of the successes the network has achieved so far.
“Although I’m not an agronomist, I knew many of the people who came along to the event because of connections made through RAID.”
“A special thanks to Ted Hayes, Coordinator of Crawford Fund, Victoria, for coming along and giving all the attendees a pep talk about getting involved in international development and agricultural research. Ted highlighted the ‘Crawford Fund Young Scholar’ program which supports early career researchers to get involved in this type of work. Ted also highlighted the excellent international training programs that the Crawford Fund supports.”
Jenny noted that each person attending introduced themselves to the group and lots of interesting conversations about working in international agriculture followed.
The next networking event will be held at TropAg in November in Brisbane and further details will be available soon!