Young Crawford in Queensland Awards—on show and open for 2016

February 25, 2016

Honours Research Scholarships and Postgraduate Student Awards are now open for 2016. For full details of the awards and the application form, see below and click here.

At a recent seminar addressed by a group of Crawford-in-Queensland awardees and conference scholars, around 50 guests heard of the professional, personal and humanitarian impact of the opportunities supported by our Queensland Committee. Long-time trainers involved in Queensland supported training also participated.

The awards were announced last year as a new initiative of the Queensland Committee, which have also been made available by some other States. We recently announced our WA committee’s awards here. A report on our Queensland Committee’s 2015 awardees is also available.

At the seminar, the Crawford-in-Qld 2015 Awardees’ presentations included:

  • Evaluating field responses of diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) and enhancing Trichogramma chilonis as its biological control agent, by Gurion Ang (The University of Queensland (UQ))
  • Exploring unusual host use by Trichogramma chilonis in Samoa, with implications for the biological control of a widespread agricultural pest, by Brodie Foster (UQ)
  • Integrating GIS ocean current and genetic data to infer Black-lip Pearl Oyster larval dispersal in the Fiji Islands, by Monal Lal (James Cook University)
  • Improve in vitro techniques for large-scale micro-propagation of Australian papaya, by Mai Nantawan (Griffith University)
  • New insights to enable root trait selection in winter cereal breeding programs in Uruguay and Australia, by Anika Miller-Cooper (UQ)
  • Influence of diet and sustained release of bST on plasma IGF-1 concentrations in growing Bos indicus steers, by David Innes (UQ)
2015 Qld Committee sponsored scholars
2015 Qld Committee sponsored scholars

“All of the Crawford-in-Queensland awardees together proved the case that this initiative is a good one and one we should continue,” said Dr Bruce Pengelly, Coordinator of the Queensland Committee.

2016 Awards Launched

The Queensland Committee of the Crawford Fund is again offering a small number of competitive research funding awards for tertiary students. The purpose of the awards is to facilitate active student participation in international agricultural research projects, in order to help them gain valuable experience and expertise. Two types of award are available: Honours Research Scholarships and Postgraduate Student Awards.

More details on the awards and application forms are now available here.