Our Nextgen Podcast Series: Pathways to Making a Global Difference in Ag

February 26, 2021

As part of our ACIAR-supported NextGen project in our suite of NextGen activities, we are bringing you a series on career pathways to ag for development. We’ll have videos, blogs and podcasts with people who have had a road to ag for development that doesn’t initially involve agriculture – so through anthropology, science, social sciences, finance, communication, law, environmental sciences, health and nutrition, economics and business.

We know that working in ag for development has amazing global, national, professional and very personal impacts. And that you don’t necessarily have to have an ag background to find yourself working in a field in a developing country, helping farmers to better feed their families and earn an income from their small plots of land.

For the young people you’re going to meet in our podcast series, intelligence, passion, resilience, ingenuity and luck made working in ag for development a reality – even though none of them started out studying agriculture.

We’ll hear that there is a broad range of pathways to rewarding and exciting careers in international agriculture, not necessarily limited to agriculture.

For our first podcast, we hear from Kayla Lochner, whose blog is here and who has had an ‘anthropology/people pathway to ag research for development’ and is now involved with Researchers in Agriculture for International Development (RAID) Network.

We hope you enjoy our first podcast, which is brought to you with GenerationAg and we would definitely like to hear from others who have made it to ag for development without a background or studies in agriculture – email [email protected]

Listen to the podcast