Our Year in Review

November 29, 2023

Welcome to another ‘Quick Year in Review’ covering 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023.

Writing their foreword to our Quick Year in Review, The Hon John Anderson, our Chair and Dr Colin Chartres, our CEO note that it was a pleasure for us to report on a year in which we were able to fund and complete a wide range of activities after the disruptions of the Covid 19 pandemic.

We have continued with a format that we are told readers appreciate as it enables either a brief overview or, by following links throughout the text, you can settle in for a more in-depth appreciation of our activities and achievements.

During this period, it was a relief to be able to really get back out into the field, raising awareness of the benefits of international agricultural research in developing countries, delivering training and capacity building opportunities, and supporting our precious NextGen.

The ‘Quick Year in Review‘ splits our activities through our Outreach, Capacity Building and NextGen activities. While not all our activities can be covered in this review, we hope you get a snapshot of the efforts our Capacity Building Program goes to in increasing capacity for improving food and nutrition security; the variety of activities our Outreach Program goes to in raising awareness of the benefits of ag research for development and what we all do in encouraging the NextGen.

We warmly thank all those organisations and individuals who continued to support our work and were involved in our activities.

And finally, as a small non-Government organisation, we must thank our people –  the Crawford Fund model relies on the significant commitment of time and effort by a large group of volunteers – to be members of our board, our State and Territory committees, and to be involved in our capacity building, outreach and NextGen activities. Along with our small team of coordinators and staff, we thank them all!