“Pest Invaders” science students rewarded by the Crawford Fund Queensland

August 30, 2019

This year the Queensland Committee once again sponsored The Crawford Fund International Agricultural Science Award as part of the 2019 Hermitage Schools Plant Science Competition, and winners were announced at the Awards Day & Agricultural Science Expo held on 13 August 2019 as part of National Science Week.

The theme of this year’s Award was ‘Pest Invaders’, and entries were open to include the best video, poster, PowerPoint or other social media presentation submitted by a Queensland high school student.

Crawford Fund International Agricultural Science Award First Prize Winner Tate Doneathy (from Glasshouse Christian College) receiving his award from Dr Kep Coughlan.

The first prize of $350, was awarded to Tate Doneathy, a Year 10 student from the Glasshouse Christian College for his presentation on Mosiac Virus disease of Cassava in Africa. The runner-up prize was awarded to Sienna Darvali, Abigail Duggan, Ailin Vojdani and Jacob Smith, all Year 10 students from Centenary Heights State High School, who shared the $150 winnings for their podcast on the Western Corn Rootworm in north America.

The prizes were presented by former Crawford Fund Queensland Committee member Dr Kep Coughlan.

Coby Schmeichel singing his entry “Banana Song”, about the threats of Panama disease to the global banana crop.

The competition again fired student imaginations, with Year 10 Glasshouse Mountains Christian College student Coby Schmeichel submitting a video of himself playing guitar and singing a song that he composed about the threat that Panama disease poses for World Banana Production. Coby also featured as a guest performer singing at the start of the Field Day.

A WIN News item on the QDAF Schools Plant Science Awards Field Day is available here.

Crawford Fund International Agricultural Science Prize Winners – (left) Ailin Vojdani and Abigail Duggan representing the Centenary Heights State High School team in second place, and (right) the winner, Tate Doneathy from Glasshouse Christian College.