Seeking New E-Mentors

October 28, 2021

Late last year we announced our first group of e-mentors and e-mentees as part of our new E-mentoring Program. This program was launched to ensure that, despite COVID-19 and its travel and life restrictions, we could continue to help develop the technical and organisational skills and expertise of agricultural researchers, scientists and policy makers in developing countries.

In 2021, 36 pairs of mentors and mentees commenced the program and about 90% completed it, with feedback from mentees being extremely positive.

Following a successful program in 2021, the Crawford Fund is running the e-mentoring program again in 2022. 

Whilst some current mentors have expressed an interest to take on a new/additional mentee, we are also keen to recruit some new e-mentors to the program. Mentors can come from across the entire agriculture, natural resources, forestry and fisheries spectrum.  An initial self-training course is made available to them along with a start-up webinar.  Additional reading materials will also be made available during the year.  We always stress to e-mentors and e-mentees that the program is as much about personal development, network building, problem solving, interpersonal relationships and leadership and management, rather than building disciplinary skills, although the latter can also have a role in some relationships.

Our e-mentees are drawn from overseas departments of agriculture, fisheries and forestry (with the help of APAARI ), international centres and nominations from ACIAR .

Mentoring roles are fulfilling for both mentor and mentee, takes on average about 2-4 hours per month and have been instrumental in keeping the Crawford Fund in contact with many emerging overseas professionals, which may lead to future international collaboration.

Potential e-mentors can contact [email protected], who can provide more information and a web-based enrolment form