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Issues and topics for the media

The Fund can provide information and contacts for journalists writing about the following issues/topics:

  • food security
  • agricultural research
  • etc
  • etc

Please Contact us and we would be happy to assist.

Current Activities

Details about our latest activities can be found in the News section.

About the Crawford Fund

General information about the Crawford Fund, its structure, aims and activities is available in About Us.

Journalism Award

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The Crawford Fund’s major event is its Annual Conference. Brief description, reason why a journo should cover it….

The Fund is involved in a number of other events throughout the year. See our Events page for details.

International Visits

The Fund is involved in many visits of eminant scientists to and out of Australia, offering many media opportunities. Contact the Fund if you wish to be advised of these opportunities.


Our monthly electronic Newsletter is a useful sources of Fund activities.

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