Derek Tribe Award: Siti Subandiyah 2011

Siti-SubandiyahProf Siti Subandiyah, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, is the recipient of 2011 Crawford Fund Derek Tribe Award in recognition of her high dedication to research and education in the field of agriculture.

Prof Subandiyah has focused on reducing impacts of plant diseases on horticultural crops, particularly the impacts of huanglongbing (citrus greening) on citrus and wilt diseases of banana. She has participated in the development and implementation of integrated management programs based on accurate early identification and detection of diseases, regular monitoring, and practical strategies for mitigating impacts of the diseases.

Her research publications have also been well received and cited internationally and have contributed to regional networking among scientists in many countries. She plays an important role in technology transfer activities and capacity building in Indonesia through her supervision of students and engagement with extension personnel. Many of her students are now in leading roles in universities and other institutions in Indonesia.

Through her work on horticultural crops she has contributed to the health and welfare of farmers and their families throughout the Indonesian archipelago. This is increasingly important in the Asian region as incomes rise and the consequent demand for fresh fruit expands. Her knowledge and skills in research and technology transfer activities have had important implications for Australia’s preparedness to deal with incursions of pests and diseases of horticultural crops, thus substantially contributing to Australia’s national biosecurity.

She recently played a major role in a Crawford Fund Master Class in Yogyakarta on the surveillance, identification and management of huanglongbing that included participants from 16 countries, including Australia.