Apply now for our 2021 Conference Scholarships!

May 17, 2021

Are you under 35? Interested in exploring a career, research or volunteering opportunities in agricultural development, or food and nutrition security? If so, please read on!

The Crawford Fund has launched its conference scholarships – a fantastic opportunity for young people passionate about food and nutrition security or agricultural research and development.

These conference scholarships are an integral part of suite of NextGen activities to encourage young people in their study, careers and volunteering in international agricultural research and showcase for them, the diverse and exciting experiences that await.

People who have received scholarships in the past have come from a diverse range of disciplines, including outside agriculture, but all had a strong interest in food and nutrition security.

If you are based in the ACT, NSW, NT, SA, Tasmania, Victoria or WA, we strongly encourage you to seek out this opportunity to attend our annual conference in Canberra and also experience two fun and informative half days of activities including personal mentoring and first-hand advice about the opportunities available.

Our past scholars are overwhelmingly positive about their conference scholarship experience, seeing it as an invaluable mentoring, networking and motivational experience.

In keeping with COVID related restrictions, our plans are to have a hybrid event, with all Australia-based speakers available in the room, and our international speakers attending live, but virtually. 

Our event will be organised to comply with all COVID-related requirements to ensure a safe experience. Of course, we will remain ready to make changes at any time should there be any further implications to holding a physical event in Canberra due to COVID.

About the program

The scholars are involved in two ½ days of activities in addition to the conference. They engage with the speakers, experienced Australian agricultural researchers and educators, and other passionate young people who have experience overseas in developing countries as researchers, volunteers or mentors.

The scholarships are awarded through our State and Territory programs, with conference registration fees and reasonable transport, food and accommodation costs covered by the award.

Full details on eligibility and the application process are here.

Any questions can be directed to the Crawford Fund Coordinator for your State/Territory.

The application process is simple with a short online application form.

Applications close 25 June 2021.

Our 2021 conference

The Crawford Fund’s annual conference is a highlight of Australia’s agricultural development and food security calendar. For almost 30 years we have drawn significant focus to issues worthy of global and Australian attention, and this year we continue that proud tradition.

We will announce our conference soon – the title is ““Food & Nutrition Security – The Biosecurity, Health, Trade Nexus.”

This year the conference scholar program will run from 23-25 August around the conference.

The vast increase in and growing complexity of international trade, travel, tourism and density of development have placed ever growing challenges on maintaining plant and animal biosecurity, the rapid spread of infectious diseases and the protection of biodiversity.

The conference will explore the specific risks to plant, animal and human health; how these factors are putting global food and nutrition security at risk; and the emerging technological and management solutions.

The emphasis will be on food systems as understanding the way in which food production systems interact with human health in terms of zoonotic diseases and their spread is vital. A focus on biodiversity is also important to help develop solutions for future proofing society against emerging risks.

Once again, we have brought together leading international and Australian thinkers and practitioners including:

  • Keynote presentations from eminent international public and private sector experts.
  • Targeted overview presentations on the status quo and innovative policy and development project options that address a set of significant nexus issues.
  • A set of examples of impact delivered as case studies in short, rapid-fire presentations by leading Australian and international researchers across industries, global regions and agricultural sectors.

Scholar feedback from our last conference

“If I didn’t know a career in agricultural science was right for me until the Crawford Fund 2019 Conference, I certainly do now… I particularly enjoyed the scholar activities, which highlighted career paths that I was previously unaware of and opened my eyes to the possibilities of volunteering in developing countries. I was fortunate enough to have a young mentor who recently volunteered in Laos, and her advice (both career-wise and conference-wise) was one of the best parts of attending the conference. Since this was the first conference I have ever attended, I think the mentoring program was incredibly beneficial for me.” Amy Mackenzie, CSIRO Ag & Food, ACT Scholar

“The Scholar Days activities were highly relevant and being assigned a mentor as experienced as Dr Hugh Wallwork made it even more so. … The activities focused round networking were fun and engaging and I have come away with contacts that may have transformed my future path. These activities were consistent with the theme of working together, while providing opportunities to meet a wide range of people from different fields and providing a link between disciplines.” Naomi Diplock, NSW Scholar

“Beside the one-day conference, all young scholars had privilege to participate in a series of mentoring and networking activities, which I believe that it is a distinct feature only found in the Crawford Fund Conference. Through the conference, I was able to meet many interesting people whom I have a lot of respect and know them by their great work. Their life and work have inspired me to keep faith in continuing my career pathway, and to think of my future contribution in not just Vietnam, but other developing countries. I have also learnt that we can improve the efficiency of international agricultural research and development projects by working together closely as one team and sharing our knowledge and experience to gain more valuable insights of the current issues.” Anh Duc Nguyen, SA Scholar

All of the scholar feedback we received from the last Conference held in 2019 is available here.

To learn more about the Conference Scholar program, see: