Nourishing Minds Competition: Fuelling the future through food and nutrition security

December 19, 2023

In an era where food and nutrition security are crucial for the well-being of individuals and communities, fostering awareness and innovative thinking among young minds is imperative. To encourage the next generation to embrace this global challenge, the Crawford Fund are proud to announce an exciting competition open to all Year 9 to 12 students in 2024: the “Nourishing Minds” competition! With sensational prizes totalling $2,500, this competition aims to ignite creativity, problem-solving skills, and a passion for cultivating a sustainable future using the Crawford Fund resources.

Competition Details

The “Nourishing Minds” competition invites Year 9 to 12 students to develop innovative ideas or projects using the Secondary School resources developed by the Crawford Fund. Whether it’s tackling issues related to sustainable agriculture, food waste reduction, climate-smart technologies, or strategies to address gender dimensions, we encourage students to think outside the box and propose creative solutions that can make a real impact.

Prizes awarded to schools:

  • 1st Prize: $1,000
  • 2nd Prize: $750
  • 3rd Prize: $500 
  • PLUS a special encouragement award at $250.

How to Participate: Participation in the “Nourishing Minds” competition is simple:

  1. Form a team: Students can form teams of up to four members. Collaborate with your friends or classmates to maximize your ideas and skills.
  2. Choose your project: Using the Secondary School materials, identify an area within food and nutrition security that you are passionate about and propose an innovative idea or project to address it.
  3. Create an entry: Develop a project plan that outlines your idea, strategy, and any supporting research or data and present your idea as a 2 – 3 minute video. Be sure to include the potential impact your project can make.
  4. Submit your entry: Send your video to our competition email address [email protected] by the 14 June. Make sure to include your team’s details and contact information.

Judging Criteria: Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation: How unique and creative is your idea or project?
  • Feasibility: Is your proposal practical and achievable?
  • Impact: What potential positive impact does your project have on food and nutrition security?
  • Presentation: How clearly and effectively is your project plan communicated?

Important Dates:

  • Competition launch: 31 January 2024.
  • Submission deadline: 14 June 2024.
  • Winners’ announcement: 28 June 2024

More details can be found HERE.