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Thank you for your interest in our updated 2024 free teaching materials “Development for a Better Future”.  

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  • Empower your students to engage with opportunities and solutions to food and nutrition security and highlight the breadth of career pathways to be active global citizens.
  • Additional learning opportunities for you through free professional learning and live webinars with young people working in global food and nutrition security.

By registering, you’ll have access to:

Year 9-10

  • Educator Guide
  • Module 1: Climate Change, Food and Nutrition Security
  • Module 2: Climate-Smart Technologies
  • Module 3: Covid-19 and Food and Nutrition Security
  • Module 4: Australia – A Powerhouse for Agricultural Research
  • Module 5: Gender Dimensions in Agriculture
  • Module 6: Genebanks – More Than Saving Seeds
  • Module 7: Food Loss & Waste

Student directed learning modules

  • Food Loss & Waste
  • Australia – A Powerhouse for Agricultural Research

Senior Secondary Resources

  • Educator Guide
  • Module: Unit 3 Land Cover Transformations – Project-Based Learning Guide

Consolidated Resource List

In addition to including an assessment tool/rubric in each of our teaching modules, we provide a consolidated list of projects, resources and videos from each module for easy reference of teachers and students. 

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