2024 Crawford Fund Student Awards – still open in WA and NT!

November 21, 2023

Are you studying in WA or NT in any field broadly related to food and nutrition security? If so, we can help you add an international focus to it.

The Crawford Fund’s 2024 Student Awards are still open in WA and NT!

Madeleine Grist, 2022 student awardee and honours student at the University of Queensland, completed her student award research in Indonesia.

If you are a university student undertaking a degree in agriculture, animal production, fisheries, forestry, natural resource management or any area broadly related to food and nutrition security, but not traditionally ‘agriculture’, this award could open a whole new world of experience and career opportunities.

As part of the Crawford Fund’s NextGen program, each of our State and Territory Committees support these awards to enable students to gain valuable experience and expertise by bringing an international component to their studies and research. This usually involves travel and immersion in a research project, country and culture.

Students can come from a broad range of degrees beyond agriculture – social sciences, gender, health, communication, business, finance….  One of the great things about international agricultural research is that we need skills far beyond the usual traditional studies in agriculture!

If you are unsure about how to connect to a project or organisation on which to focus your project application on, our advice is, in the first instance, identify staff at your university who are already involved in international agriculture for development associated with the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) or any of the international agricultural research centers in the CGIAR or AIRCA. Another strategy is to search on the ACIAR website for projects associated with your area of interest, or for projects in which your university is engaged.

The closing date for our 2024 Student Awards in WA and NT is close of business on 28 June 2024.

The conditions and requirements for the State and Territory Committees’ awards differ in terms of eligibility, the maximum award amount, and the number of awards provided. We encourage you to contact the coordinator in the State/Territory in which your institution is based with any queries, or to talk through your ideas, as per the contact details below.

We also strongly recommend you read the general background information before you start your application. The short online application form will require you to attach:

  • a brief CV
  • a budget outline
  • the signatures of, or a supporting note from, the Authorised Officers approving your application
  • details of at least one referee.

Apply online here, and take a look at the suggested reporting guidelines for an idea of what is expected once the experience is over.

Note that any travel associated with these awards will need to comply with DFAT travel advice for safety and health purposes.

Any questions?

Our State/Territory Committee Coordinators welcome your enquiries…

Australian Capital Territory
David Shearer
[email protected]

New South Wales
Dr Helen Scott-Orr AM PSM
[email protected]

Northern Territory
Ms Tania Paul
[email protected]

South Australia
Mr Roger Wickes PSM FAIAST
[email protected]

Dr Neville Mendham FAIAST
[email protected]

Mr Bill Lewis FAIA
[email protected]

Western Australia
Professor Lyn Abbott FAIAST
[email protected]

As part of the Crawford Fund network, the opportunities, friendships and support you gain to develop your experience and expertise in international agriculture for development are limitless.

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All the very best of luck!