Crawford Fund in Tas

The Tasmanian program was established in 2011, the last State to do so. With support from the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, the program addresses training needs identified as part of the wide spectrum of research and development undertaken by Tasmanian-based scientists. A particular feature of the program has been the emphasis on sustainable forestry and fisheries, with a concentration of effort in ACIAR and other projects in those areas undertaken by UTAS, CSIRO and the Tasmanian Forest Practices Authority. Tasmanian agriculture is also characterised by diversity, from intensive horticulture and dairying through to mixed cropping and livestock, and that has also been reflected in the programs supported, from pyrethrum and vegetables in PNG through to beef cattle in Vietnam. The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture has research interests across the value chain from production to market, with particular expertise in intensive production systems based on irrigation. While the Tasmanian environment is temperate, researchers operate in a wide range of tropical lowland and highland environments in the Pacific Islands, PNG, Indonesia, Vietnam and elsewhere.

2018 Crawford Fund Student Awards
The Crawford Fund and its State programs are supporting the training and development of young agricultural scientists across Australia through its 2018 Crawford Fund Student Awards. The Tasmanian Committee is offering the opportunity for tertiary students in Tasmania to receive first-hand experience in international agricultural research.

Applications are now open. For more information, visit the 2018 Crawford Fund Student Awards, download the flyer, or contact N.Mendham@utas.edu.au. Download an application form and apply by Thursday, 29 March 2018.

Tasmanian Committee Members

  • Chair, Mr Richard Warner
    Government House, Hobart
    Husband of Governor Kate Warner
    Formerly horticulture and agribusiness


  • Coordinator, Dr Neville Mendham
    Honorary Research Associate, UTAS
    P: 03 6260 4238
    M: 0407 876 903
  • Dr Tina Acuna, Associate Professor in Crop Science and Program Leader for Internationalisation, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, UTAS, Hobart
  • Dr Jagannath Aryal, Senior Lecturer, Discipline of Geography and Spatial Sciences, School of Land and Food, UTAS, Hobart
  • Dr Sarah Bonny, Lecturer Animal Science, UTAS and RAID representative
  • Mr Tim Eldridge, Policy and Legislation, Agrigrowth Tasmania, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, Hobart. Formerly with Ausaid, Canberra
  • Dr Stephen Ives, Research Fellow in Agronomy and Farming Systems, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, UTAS, Launceston
  • Mr Tim Mackey, Former Senior Executive DAFF, Agricultural Counsellor to Australian Embassy Washington, OECD Paris Head of Food and Agriculture Division, Chairman International Grains Council and Board member, GRDC
  • Prof Holger Meinke, Director Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, and Head, School of Land and Food, UTAS, Hobart
  • Dr Beth Penrose. Lecturer in Pasture Science, UTAS, and RAID Representative
  • Mr Craig Proctor, Fisheries Scientist and Leader of Collaboration
    Projects with Indonesia, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Hobart
  • Mr Bob Reid, Director, TasGlobal Seeds, former Director of Agriculture, Falkland Islands
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