Time to apply for our 2019 Student Awards!

November 9, 2018

Are you at university studying agriculture, animal production, fisheries, forestry, natural resource management or any area related to food and nutrition security? Would you like to explore your subject area in an international agricultural project context?

If so, we have awards available to help you bring an international component to your studies and research, and gain valuable practical experience in a developing country.

As part of our efforts to support and encourage the next generation in study, careers and volunteering in international agricultural research, the Crawford Fund proudly supports our Student Awards in International Agriculture, provided by each of our State and Territory Committees.

Our Student Awards have been developed specifically to enable your practical, feet-on-the-ground, involvement in an overseas project as part of your university studies.

Building on the success of our past awardees, in 2019 all of our committees are again offering these awards so university students in every State and Territory have access to this great opportunity.

The conditions and requirements for the State and Territory Committees’ awards differ in terms of eligibility, the maximum award amount, and the number of awards provided so we encourage you to look at the webpage for the committee in which your institution is based, and then to make contact with the coordinator in your State/Territory with your queries. Contacts are below.

We also strongly recommend you read the general background information before you start your online application. The short online application form will require you to attach a brief CV, the signatures of, or a supporting note from, the Authorised Officers approving your application, and details of at least one referee. Your health and safety are paramount to us so you will be asked to provide details of relevant arrangements for this purpose too.

Important information

The closing date for all awards is Friday, 29 March 2019.

Apply online here.

Take a peek at the suggested reporting guidelines for after awards are completed here.

Any questions?

The coordinators of the committees which will consider applications welcome your inquiries. Please check arrangements for each committee’s awards, provided on the committee’s webpage and contact our coordinators – links are provided below:

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

All the very best of luck!

In 2017, our State Committees supported 14 tertiary student visits to developing countries, and in 2018, we proudly expanded this opportunity to 22 Awards.

A compilation of the experiences of our 2017 Award recipients is now available, and reports from the 2018 Awardees are being featured through the Crawford Fund network as they arrive:

“The Student Award provided me an opportunity to gain experience researching in a very different social, environmental and cultural setting. Spending an extended period of time working on the ground with the researchers and farmers allowed me to gain insight into the breeding, production and management of mungbean farms in Myanmar.”

Thomas Noble, Queensland University of Technology, 2018


These Awards are just one life- and career-changing experience we offer young researchers with an interest in agriculture for development. Other key elements of our next generation focus are our conference scholar program, our opportunities and encouragement in volunteering for projects overseas, and through our work with Researchers in Agriculture for International Development (RAID).

In the meantime…

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