Crawford Fund in Vic

The Victorian program, established in 1995, enjoys strong support from the Victorian Government and the private sector for its training activities in crop production, the dairy industry, education and animal health. The Victorian Program has adopted a strategy of selecting and concentrating on projects which will provide cumulative ongoing benefit to developing country agriculture by running programs which build on experience year on year for up to three years.

This, however, does not prevent us from seizing opportunities for valuable ad hoc training when appropriate. Major crop programs have included cocoa in Vietnam and Papua New Guinea (PNG), potatoes in PNG, dairy hygiene in Malaysia and Indonesia, animal health in Nepal and an ongoing relationship with the Royal National University of Bhutan where we helped to set up a bachelor of agriculture degree course and training in research techniques in agriculture. Victorian scientists and technologists have welcomed the opportunities to interact with colleagues and students to help them lift agricultural production in developing countries, while at the same time enhancing the scientific capacity of their own agencies through networking and exchanging knowledge and ideas on food and fibre production.

2018 Crawford Fund Student Awards

The Crawford Fund and its State programs are supporting the training and development of young agricultural scientists across Australia through its 2018 Crawford Fund Student Awards. The Victoria State Committee is offering the opportunity for tertiary students in VIC to receive first-hand experience in international agricultural research.

Applications are now open. For more information, visit the 2018 Crawford Fund Student Awards, download the flyer, or contact Download an application form and apply by Thursday, 29 March 2018.

Victorian Committee Members


  • Coordinator
    Mr Ted Hayes OAM FAIAST
    P: 03 9841 8553
    M: 0419 350 912
  • Dr John Allen
    Leader, Regional Program, CSIRO—Australian Animal Health Laboratory
  • Mr Bob Edgar
    Consultant, Phillips Agribusiness
  • Dr Tracy Griffin
    Agriculture Victoria Research Division, Victoria DEDTTR
  • Dr Jenny Hanks,
    MacKinnon Project, University of Melbourne and RAID Representative
  • Dr Bruce Kefford PSM PhD BSc
    Former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Primary Industries, Victoria
  • Mr Bruce Lloyd AM
    Former Deputy Leader of National Party
  • Dr Julie M Nicol
    Consultant in Agriculture, Education & Development
  • Prof Michael Stear, Professor of Animal Biology, La Trobe University
  • Dr Ron Prestidge
    Executive Director, Future farming Systems
  • Professor Paul Taylor
    Associate Professor & Reader (Plant Pathology), The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Ron Wells
    Veterinary Surgeon
Victorian Committee in the News

Key Events

Victoria Crawford Fund Scholars: 2017 Annual Conference

Each year, the Crawford Fund Committees offer Conference Scholarships for students and young researchers to attend the annual conference. The Scholarship provides funds to cover expenses such as travel, accommodation and registration.

2017 Vic State Committee sponsored conference scholars

2017 Vic State Committee sponsored conference scholars

The scholars supported by the VIC Committee to attend the Crawford Fund’s 2017 Annual Conference are Melanie Addinsall and Helena Smith of Agriculture Victoria, and Sophie Lamond of the University of Melbourne. Read their reflections from the 2017 conference here.