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The Crawford Fund supports the
AARES 2016 annual conference
‘Feeding and Energising Emerging
Asia and the Pacific’.


Managing Rodents
Training in ecology-based rodent
management took place in Fiji to
combat this agricultural pest and
reduce cases of leptospirosis.


In Memory of Don Mentz
Don Mentz Farewell_170
We remember Don Mentz,
the Executive Director
of the Crawford Fund
from 1999 to 2002.


Harriet & Jill Blog in Laos
Inspecting mint_170
Here’s the next report on
volunteer experiences in
Laos, from CSU students
Harriet and Jill.

WA Training & Ag. Awards
WA Com 170_YQ3L7989
The WA Committee has put out
a call for proposals for funding.
See the WA State Committee
page for further information.

Rice Pathogen Diagnostics
VIC Rice in lab_170
Training in techniques for
the early detection of rice
seed pathogens, which are
important in Bangladesh.

Plant Biosecurity Skills
Biosecurity champs comms plans_crop
After 6 weeks of training, the
Biosecurity Champions return
to Africa with knowledge in
fighting crop pests & diseases.