Ms Madonna Thomson

Aboriginal Biocultural Knowledge Holder and Practitioner

Madonna Thomson is a member of the Jagera People and is a grand niece of the late Senator Neville Bonner. Madonna has worked with the Aboriginal Communities in South East Queensland with a particular focus on developing and sharing traditional knowledge about management of the State’s natural resources and environment.

Madonna is Chair of the QAAFI Indigenous Enterprises Group, Chair and co-founder of the BushTukka and Botanical Indigenous Enterprise Co-operative, Director of Nyanda Life Limited, and Director and Owner of Jagera Daran Pty Ltd.

Madonna has worked extensively in native title, cultural heritage and natural resource management and has presented at numerous international, national and state conferences on these topics. Madonna is adept at the negotiation of Indigenous Land Use Agreements and Cultural Heritage Management Plans/Agreements. Madonna creates and builds corporate and governance models, facilitates organisational capacity building and advises on accountability and business management.