Mr Mark Vurobaravu

Deputy Director, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vanuatu

Mark Vurobaravu is the Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), Republic of Vanuatu.

He currently holds a Bachelor of Agriculture degree from the University of the South Pacific, and a Master of Arts in Natural Science from the International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan.

His area of expertise is in agriculture and climate change adaptation in island communities.

He joined the Public Service in Vanuatu in 2008 as a Plant Protection Officer with the Department of Biosecurity, prior to joining DARD in 2012 as Principal Agriculture Officer responsible for agri-technical services, and later promoted to the position of Deputy Director in 2021.

His 15 years experience in the public service has also yielded strengths in leadership management, planning and public policy.

Mr Vurobaravu is a current peer-reviewer representative of Vanuatu in the Pacific Regional Research Agenda for Agriculture and Forestry.