Dr. Pham Thi Sen

The Digital Revolution in Agriculture

7-8 August 2017, Canberra

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Dr. Pham Thi Sen

Dr. Pham Thi Sen is a researcher from Northern Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (NOMAFSI) in Vietnam where she plays a key role in efforts aimed at sustainably managing agricultural systems, landscapes and environments in the Northern Mountainous Region (NMR), which is the poorest region in Vietnam. The NRM is characterized by diverse, complex and challenging topographical, soil, climate and socio-economic features. She has extensive experience in working with farming communities and local partners, and with her NOMAFSI team, has engaged in participatory R&D activities. The NOMAFSI team’s goal is to restore and protect the beauty and diversity of natural resources of the NMR, while sustainably reducing poverty of local farming communities. The team has provided support to farmers in different locations to restore local rice varieties, develop farm ​ rice​ seed production and supply, conduct participatory varietal selection, and adopt integrated crop management​, conservation agriculture, and climate-smart practices.

Dr Pham Thi Sen Paper Crawford Fund Conference 2017

Dr Pham Thi Sen Presentation

Moc Chau vegetable farmers’ use of data-aided decision-making, traceability, quality assurance, and access to higher value markets.


Farmers in the Son La region of Northwest Vietnam are working together with ACIAR to produce high quality vegetables, supplying emerging retail markets in Vietnam.

The market for high quality vegetables in Vietnam is expanding rapidly. Project farmers in Moc Chau supplied 690 tonnes of VietGAP accredited safe-to-eat vegetables in 2016 – 65% more than in the previous year.

ACIAR projects AGB/2009/053 and AGB/2014/035 have identified the smart use of data as a key factor in helping Vietnamese farmers supply emerging retail vegetable markets. Data management has been used for:

  1. Maintaining farm records. Farmers must keep records about agronomy and use of chemicals so they can trade VietGAP-certified vegetables to lucrative retail markets.
  2. Value chain reporting. Analysis of vegetable input costs, prices and throughput data using specific software (Monqui® Fresh Studio) is used to inform farmers of the most profitable crops, when to produce them, and to measure their net farm income.
  3. QR codes. Farmers are now using QR codes to help them trace the origin of vegetable crops supplied to retailers back to the individual farms where they were produced. QR codes are ideal for developing countries because they do not require special barcode readers and software systems.