Regina Bi Nukundj

Senior Food Security Policy Officer, Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Papua New Guinea

Regina Bi Nukundj is Chief Livestock Officer under the Food Security Branch at the Department of Agriculture and Livestock in Papua New Guinea.

She holds a Master of Science Degree in Animal Production from James Cook University, Australia. She has worked for the Department of Agriculture and Livestock for 28 years now, being recruited straight into the department after graduating with Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture from University of Technology, Lae, Papua New Guinea.

She has also worked in livestock production space under food security and is now focusing her efforts as a policy planner in the sector and has served in various capacities in the department as Livestock extension officer from 1994 -2006 before being transferred into HQ as Chief Livestock Development Officer from 2007 -2018.

Regina has acted as focal point for PNG FAO and been appointed as National Coordinator of various FAO Technical Corporation Projects under food security programme from 2016 -2019.

She was appointed as Deputy Coordinator of PNG APEC Agriculture Coordination Team in 2017 preparing toward hosting 2018 APEC and successfully hosted 11 sets of Food Security and Agriculture related meetings. During the PNG APEC host year, she initiated discussions on Promoting Women in Agriculture and Fisheries in APEC where it’s been accepted as an important agenda in the following APEC meetings in 2019 (Chile) and 2020 (Malaysia).  She coordinated an APEC project in 2019 to promote active participation of Women in APEC in Agriculture and Fisheries sectors, contributing to improve economic capabilities and improve food security.

She has reviewed agriculture research projects, for ACIAR, of research conducted in PNG and from June 2019 -2020 April, she was appointed as DAL’s Acting Deputy Secretary of Policy and Planning and coordinated the formulation of the National Agriculture Medium Term Development Plan 2020 -2022, which was approved by the National Executive Council and launched by the Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture. 

Regina Bi Nukundj – Session 2 Panel